Microsoft Media Server Protocol

What is the Microsoft media server protocol?

Microsoft media server (in short MMS) protocol is the streaming system of multimedia in Windows Media Services to Windows Media Player service. Multimedia streaming Transmission Control Protocol system.

How to install and configure the OCS Inventory agent in Microsoft Azure?

Installing and configuring the OCS Inventory agent in Azure is the next step if you already have the OCS open-source server. Since it is through this that you can inventory and manage the equipment you want.

Another program widely used in companies for managing user devices is Microsoft Intune, which is responsible for working as a cloud and is responsible for managing mobile devices and operating systems.

Do you know what the OCS Inventory agent is in Azure?Do you know what the OCS Inventory agent is in Azure

This is a software module that is responsible for listing the inventory. It is necessary that it is in each device to be controlled so that it can carry out its function.

In this sense, said execution can be done daily or according to the parameters that you establish and, it is the element that guarantees that the server actually lists the inventory.

In fact, only in this way will the procedure be done automatically, after its establishment and of course, as long as there is communication between all the components.

The OCS Inventory program, like the Microsoft Intune and Office 365 program, can work with Active Directory Azure, which is responsible for making a directory of users and thus being able to provide company services to these users.

Requirements to install OCS Inventory

You just have to have the OCS Inventory server correctly installed and with the corresponding update, as well as an internet connection on the computer to work.

Downloading the Inventory

It is important that you know that all the elements related to the OCS Inventory must be downloaded directly from the OCS main page. You can search for it in your browser.

In it, you will see at the top a section called “OCS Inventory” and, if you click on it, a menu of options will open. Now, you must give in the “Downloads” mode.

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Next, you will see all the download options and for the different types of operating systems available, you will obviously have to choose the one that matches your device.

The page will be updated and it will ask you to fill in a form with your data before letting you download the program, after filling them, press “Send”.

In this way, you will have another list of OCS separated according to the type of elements, in this case, you will look for the “Agents” to be able to download the OCS Inventory agent in Azure.

The installation process, step by stepThe installation process, step by step

After having downloaded the OCS Inventory agent in Azure corresponding to the computer and operating system you use, you can proceed to install them.

Unzipping and running

For this, and in the case of Windows, you must unzip the file, which you can do by pressing the right mouse button and clicking “Extract”.

The unzipping process is tedious for some users, especially if these files have a password.

Next, you will have to run the file, called ” OCS-NG-Windows-Agent-Setup.exe ” as an administrator, this can also be done with the right mouse button.

You will also have to allow the application to run, selecting “Yes”, so that the installation wizard emerges and you can truly begin the process.

The Installation Manager

The first thing you should do is click on ” I Agree ” and accept the license so that the wizard shows the components it will install.

To continue, you must select the “Next” button and, in the next window, you will need to indicate the link to your OCS server. You should also uncheck the “Validate certificates” option before pressing “Next” again.

If you use a Proxy server, and it is through this that your Windows accesses the OCS server, you must fill in the fields that will appear now, but, if not, you should only leave them blank.

Then, activate the “Enable verbose log”, write a TAG and configure an “Immediately launch inventory”, before continuing by clicking on “Next”.

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Finally, indicate a destination directory for the installation, you can leave the default or search for another if you wish.

Final details

If you have already done all this process, there is little left to complete the installation of the OCS Inventory agent in Azure, in fact, you only have to wait for the seconds indicated by the status bar.

After that, you will have to activate the ” Start OCS Inventory NG Systray Applet “, and click on “Finish” to complete the installation.

From now on, you will have the icon corresponding to the OCS agent on the Windows taskbar, next to the clock.

Another tool that can be very useful for your company is Office 365, with which programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Publisher can be used from the Microsoft cloud and thus all users will share information at the moment.

Uses of Microsoft Azure

The importance of being able to assign static addresses from Azure lies in the proper use of this Microsoft service.

It is a cloud known as public, with a paid feature, and with which it is possible to quickly implement, collect, and manage certain applications in a global data network. Another great use that Microsoft Azure can give is to create web pages.

It also allows you to store data on such world servers. Supporting the encryption of the same and of the backup copies and, of course, an incredible information recovery mechanism.

In fact, virtual machines are just some of the great possibilities that Azure offers you, both for Linux and Windows, whose capacity is quite considerable and suitable for the purposes and goals set.

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