How To Maximize Windows 10 Performance

The slow computer problem is widespread, especially among Windows 10 users.

However, the Microsoft operating system has several system resources that can help to minimize this problem.

3 Tips maximize Windows 10 performance

How To Maximize Windows 10 Performance

Keep Windows 10 up to date

They are keeping the system to keep Windows 10 up to date and ensure that fixes for errors and bugs that arise over time are resolved, both for the OS and the installed drivers.

Errors in these files are often detrimental to performance.

If you don’t know how to check it, see this.

  1. Click “Start” and then “Settings.”
  2. Click on “Update and Security.”
  3. Then “Windows Update.”
  4. Check for updates” button.
  5. If updates are pending, click “Install“.
  6. Restart Windows 10 if necessary.

Free up disk space

Over time, the system tends to accumulate many files, some more or less useful, that the user can safely delete to gain slack in the form of a few extra disk spaces.

It can eliminate browsing caches, temporary system files, error logs, files left in the Recycle Bin or the Download folder, and files for system updates.

Disable programs that start with Windows 10

One of the biggest causes of slow Windows 10 is the configured programs to start with the loading of the system.

Something that some bring as standard behavior and cannot be disabled manually.

  • Open Task Manager click on the option that appears in the menu.
  • Click on the “startup”
  • Click on the program you want to disable and then the click “Disable” button.
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This concludes our article on how to improve maximize Windows 10 performance.

We hope it has been useful.

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