Introducing PushBullet Benefits

Pushbullet an essential tool for tasks as simple as sending files between devices or to receive notifications from the smartphone on the computer.

However, we also continue to use desktops or laptops and in many cases its integration with the smartphone leaves much to be desired, especially.

When we want to copy images, videos or other types of files between devices without having to depend on services such as Dropbox or OneDrive.

Also uncomfortable is the need to have to unlock the phone and leave the computer every time we receive a notification. All this is solved by Push bullet.


There are also many other benefits. For example: –

Transferring files and media

Sharing files via Pushbullet is the solution that convinces me personally the most of all the available benefits ones.

It is as simple as downloading Windows applications and OS X for a few days, or installing the different extensions that exist for the most popular web browsers.

Universal copy and paste

Without a doubt, a much more elegant solution than the classic one of sending emails to ourselves or copying in Evernote notes.

To activate it, just go to the Push bullet settings menu on each device.

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