How to Install Telegram X for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

telegram-x-download-for-pc-onlinetechsoft.comIf you want to reinvent Telegram & look for new edges in ease of use, speed, quality of animations, and all other features, then you are welcome to the Telegram X messenger app. Telegram X is one of the modern apps developed by Telegram LLC in 2017, which is accessible for its secure encryption.

It is the top-notch solution for those who need extra security for their communications. Throughout the entire post, we will let you know the ins and out of the Telegram X app such as features, installation process, etc. Stay tuned with us…

Telegram X Overview

The Telegram X comes with features that look like the first Telegram. It is developed with some latest aspects that the owner has been performing on it. Telegram X has an advanced UI that offers the newest animation features. Also, it has started a video feature.

When it comes to the front-end design, Telegram X ensures a quality than the Telegram app. It is faster than the Telegram app, which is made remembering the User Interfaces of the latest type of Android Apps. It brings a new approach to the chat format where you can easily create a group.

There is no doubt that the regular Telegram is among the top messaging apps out there. But the company wouldn’t like to experiment with this app with the regular Telegram app.

That is why they come with this new Telegram X messaging app. If you are a Telegram user and you want to enjoy a new experience in the app, then you can get this Telegram X with the new design.

Telegram VS Telegram X

While compared to the first Telegram app, the Telegram X comes with a little different home user interface. In the menu, Telegram X features a call option. On the other hand, regular Telegram calls and chats are differentiated by tabs, such as Whatsapp. Also, Telegram X seems faster than the first Telegram app because of its fluid animations.

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Unlike Telegram, Telegram X comes with a night mode that could be allowed by the menu, and it performs well with the OLED screen. You can alter the theme to dark to get the same effect on the first app.

Another key distinction between both Telegram and Telegram X is gestures. Telegram X offered gestures when the first Telegram app had not.

A guide to installing Telegram X in your PC:

Telegram X works well with the smartphone; but not with PC. If you want to run it on your PC, you need another app. In this fact, you’ll need an Android Emulator such as BlueStacks to install the Telegram X app on your PC.

This app performs well on Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well. Let’s see step by step process of how to install Telegram X on your PC via BlueStacks Android Emulator:

Step 1 (download the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer app)
First of all, download the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer app. Then install any of these emulators on your PC.

Step 2 (open BlueStacks software)
In the second step, open the BlueStacks (or another you installed) emulator after installation is complete and set it up.

Step 3 (Sign in Google account)
Now you need to sign in to your existing Google account. If you do not have a Google account, then open a new account for downloading apps from Google Play Store.

Step 4 (visit My Apps tab)
In this step, you should visit the My Apps tab.

Step 5 (open Google Play Store)
Now find the System app folder. There you will see an open Google Play Store.

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Step 6 (Look for Telegram X)
Look for Telegram X once you are inside the Play Store.


Step 7 (Download the)
Download the app as you do it on your Android phone.

Step 8 (use Telegram X)
Telegram X symbol will appear after installation in the My Apps area, and a shortcut will be added to your PC. Now you can use Telegram X on your PC.

Features and Benefits of Telegram X:

• Telegraph X saves messages tab so that you can easily find your saved files.
• It allows you to share media and posts with different apps.
• Telegram X has gestures.
• You can make, share and install themes established by the community.
• This will enable you to enjoy a faster-messaging option.
• It features the latest (Fast, friendly, and slick) Night Black theme.
• Select wallpaper when using dark themes.
• Telegram X is obtainable in Hebrew, Arabic, Norwegian, Czech, Turkish, Persian, and many other languages.
• It has loads of fluid animations all over the UI.
• It is even more customized.

Final Words

If you want to experience the best messaging app for communication, Telegram X would be the right option for people. Nowadays, it becomes a trendy messaging app thanks to its focus on safety & free of charge.

It is faster & more battery efficient than the regular Telegram app. If you use this new Telegram X app with lots of advanced features, then please share your experience by leaving a comment below on the TechforGuru website.

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