How do I install Google Play services

It should be noted first of all that this app is normally pre-installed on phones and it is responsible for updating itself.

How do I install Google Play services

So if you have never worried and everything works on your phone, the truth is that this tutorial for you is only informative.

You don’t need to do anything to update Google Play Services if the app works correctly on your smartphone.

Be that as it may, it may be the case that we are out of date at some point due to failures with the automatic process, and we cannot open Gmail or any other Google app until we update or re-install Google Play Services.

Don’t panic, the solution is very simple!

Just open Play Store and search for “Google Play Services”, or directly click on the link that we have left you.

If we have problems when updating Google Play Services.

We can always go to “Settings> Applications> Google Play Services” and delete data from the app, as well as uninstall previous updates, if any.

Once this is done we can go back to the App Store and install Google Play Services in the pre-installed base application as standard.

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