Install CamHi for PC (Windows & Mac)

install-camhi-pc-windows-macAs technology advanced more and more gadgets come into play. For instance, a wireless camera that helps you make a recording with full HD Video. A chance to record your Youtube video, monitor your property, or even shoot a funny or movie clip. There is no limit to all you can do with the right resources.

CamHi App is one of the most exciting applications you can get hands-on. It comes with various advantages to the user, this includes real-time video footage, real-time video, video playback not forgetting the time zone setting synchronization. Thanks to technology one can access this application from various platforms, one of the platforms being your own PC. But how does one install an Android application into your PC?

Using BlueStacks ( an emulator ) you can install all the applications on your PC and enjoy using them fully. The same case applies when dealing with CamHiApp for PC.

CamHi for Windows

Before installing CamHi for Windows install BlueStacks first.
Installing Bluestacks on Windows
Step One: Visit the Bluestacks website and download Bluestacks for Windows. Link:

Step Two: Downloading should take a few minutes but on a fast internet connection a second or two. Once the installer has been downloaded successfully. Go to the downloads folder and click the installer to start the download process.

Step Three: The installation process takes 2 minutes or more depending on the speed of your computer.


Step Four: Once the software has been installed it’s time to activate your Google account. sign in using your Google account, if you don’t have any create one.

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Installing CamHi

Once you have installed the BlueStacks emulator the next step is incredibly simple. From the BlueStacks home window, Search for CamHi and click install, to install the application. Once the application has been installed launch it and start using it.

System requirements
4GB Hard disk space
At least 2GB RAM
Updated Graphics drive

CamHI for Mac

Install the Bluestacks software into your Mac Book first.

Installing Bluestacks for Mac

Step One: Visit Bluestack’s main site and download Bluestacks for Mac

Step Two: After the installer has been installed, click it to install the software. ( Allow installation from unknown sources )

Step Three: The installation process should take some minutes, don’t worry if your computer goes slow. Different PC has different reactions but it adjusts with time. Once you have the application working correctly sign in to your google account to access applications.

Installing CamHi

The installation process is similar to that of windows. It should take you at least five minutes to complete the whole process.

System requirements
At least 2GB RAM
4GB hard disk space
Updated graphics drive

For cases of difficulties revisit the guide above, also make sure you install the correct version for your PC (Different PCs use different Operating systems ). Now you can install the CamHI application on your PC with no limitations. Many users often pay for emulators, why pay for a service you can access one that costs you nothing. Take advantage of technology by using the BlueStacks emulator that is free and accessible to all users all over the world.