How to Use Android Effectively

If you are new to Android, you may have a problem significant with its smart abilities. These glitches are partly due to how producers like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, and Google make the devices.

Android devices are a bit different liable on which producer made the phone. Though, all the features are the same on all android devices.

Whether you have changed from iPhone to Samsung galaxy phone.

Here’s how to use your android effectively and customize your android smartphone or tablet.

The Notification Center

The top of the home screen tells you a lot about what’s going on with your smartphone or tablet.

The right side displays information such as your carrier or Wi-Fi connection power, battery life, and the current time.

The left side of this bar lets you know what kind of notification you have.

Search Bar

The Google search bar is at the top of the screen or at the bottom of the time widget for most android smartphones and tablets.

The search bar provides quick access to Google voice search.

To use voice search, tap the microphone to the left of the search bar.

Apps and Widgets

The main part of the screen has icons for apps and widgets. Widgets are small applications that run on the home screen.

The clock is an example of a widget. When you swipe from the right to left to go from page to page.

Each page displays the search bar and icon at the bottom of the screen. Hope it will help to use your android phone effectively.

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