How to Unlock Windows Keyboard

The keyboard is locked and you can’t type anything? If you unintentionally locked the keyboard and can’t remember how you did it.

Follow this troubleshooting tutorial and you should be able to unlock the keyboard on windows.

Turn Off Filter Keys

If the entire keyboard is locked, you may have suddenly turned on the filter key feature. If you hold the right shift for 8 seconds, a tone will appear and the filter key icon will appear in the system tray.

At this point, you have the keyboard located and you can’t type anything.

  • To unlock the keyboard in windows 10, you can go to settings > ease of access.
  • Scroll down the keyboard and then turn off the sticky keys and filter keys.

Disable the NumLock Key

If you press the number key on the keyboard, the number keys on the right will not work because it is locked.

To unlock the main characters on the keyboard, press the name key again.

Update or Reinstall the Keyboard Driver

The keyboard may be locked due to an old or faulty driver. How to unlock keyboard in this case.

Updating or reinstalling the keyboard driver is the best solution to get your keyboards working again.

In windows 10, right click the start button to select device manager. Expand keyboards right click your keyboard and update the driver or uninstall device.

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