How to Transfer Files from Android to PC Wi-Fi

Transfer files from your android mobile phone to your computer should not be a difficult task.

This article will take you through different ways to transfer wireless files between your android phone and your PC.

Transfer Files from Android to PC: Droid Transfer

Droid transfer does not require rooting your android mobile phone. It’s also store various types of data from your android phone to your PC.

Transfer file from android to PC – here’s how

  • Download Droid transfer to your PC and run it.
  • Get the transfer companion app on your android phone.
  • Scan the DRAD transfer QR code with the transfer companion app.
  • Computers and phones are now connected. Select the files you want to transfer from your android device and press “Copy to PC” in Droid Transfer.
  • To add files from your PC to your android device, click add file in Droid transfer and select a file on your PC that you want to add to your device.

Transfer Files from Android to PC: Cloud Service

Android great way to transfer files between your android device and your computer is to use the cloud service.

Note that your data will be stored externally, so it is not as secure as a normal file transfer between mobile phone and PC.

Transfer file from android to PC – here’s how

  • First go to the website of your select cloud provider.
  • Register for cloud facilities. Most often a free another that offers a partial amount of online storage with more paid options.
  • Download the app on your phone and set up your account details.
  • You can now transfer files across all your devices through your cloud storage.
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