How to Tag Everyone in a WhatsApp Group at Once

In case you’re sending an important group message on Whatsapp, you may want to tag some people in the group to make sure you’ve noticed and read these messages.

You will find below the steps to tag people on Whatsapp on android phones.

Tag Everyone in a Whatsapp

The option of tagging people on Whatsapp is somewhat controversial because it sends out notifications to people even if they blocked group notifications.

You agree, however, that this feature may be helpful for important messages. Where you may need to confirm whether your message has been noticed by the recipients.

It’s really easy to tag people on Whatsapp, just press the button on the onscreen keyboard and it will bring up a list of members of your Whatsapp group.

Simply, tap the person you want to tag in the Whatsapp group message.

For example, if you want to tag the “Mark” in your group, add”@” before its name and it will appear as “Follow @ message” in the group chat.

Similarly, you can tag multiple people in the same Whatsapp group message by typing the letter before the person you want to tag in your Whatsapp message.

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