How to Stop Someone from Texting You

Several studies conducted indicate that about one-third of mobile phone users have received unregistered text messages.

There are many methods to use to cut out annoying messages for people who are not interested in being part of these unsolicited statistics.

No need to be rude because you can politely cross your point.

Such strategies include the use of text message pranks and errors in sending messages until they stop sending you.

Block Them

Nowadays, most service providers and mobile phones come with block functionality.

The block function was designed specifically for this purpose – unwanted text messages and calls.

If they are smart enough, they will realize that their text messages are unsolicited.

Report to the Authorities

Some people do not know when to give up. Others are so self-centered that they don’t see when they violate another person’s privacy.

You badly tried to let someone know that you weren’t appreciating their writing.

You can even get a control order from the court.

Sometimes, a word of authority is enough to stop you from being sent.

Never Replay

You ignore the text and send a message of your own. Silence is a golden weapon of how to stop someone from sending you.

After sending multiple messages without a response from you,

the other person will probably get tired of one-way communication.

There is even a popular proverb that says, “Intelligent people avoid”.

Evaluate your situation and move on to the most appropriate technology to prevent you from being sent.

You have the option of avoiding unnecessary negative emotional effects due to unwanted texts.

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