How To Stop Skype From Lowering Volume

A little further down we will see a fairly simple but effective tutorial “how to stop skype from lowering volume”to avoid that when I speak on Skype the volume is lowered .

In this way, all programs will have the same priority in terms of sound volume.

And it will be you who will have to lower or raise the volume of what you are doing to be able to hear more or less the other person with whom you are having the conversation.

This is an expertise article. Here you could know more than just tips.

I want to tell you and for that reason, I will explain to you the way to fix the problem “how to stop skype from lowering volume”.

So, hope doesn’t miss it! If you want to know more? Well, keep reading to learn essential point of view.

How to stop skype from lowering volume

First of all, If you want to solve the “how to stop skype from lowering volume” problem, then just follow our tips. Hope it works.

It happens to many people that when they speak on Skype the volume is lowered .

This is something quite common to happen since Skype tries to give priority to calls so that you can maintain better communication, leaving aside any other sound that is playing in Windows.

Do you want to change this? It’s pretty straightforward.

Likewise, as we are going to recommend a little below, if this happens to you while playing.

The best thing is that you change the application and use TeamSpeak or Discord to be able to communicate more fluidly and easily with your friends.

When talking on Skype the volume is lowered

“how to stop skype from lowering volume”, when we start a Skype call the volume of other programs is automatically lowered, it is reduced.

This is totally normal for communication to be the best possible.

Although sometimes it is not something that we like at all.

How can we do to avoid it?

You will simply have to follow this small tutorial and quickly you will be able to avoid that when speaking on Skype the volume of whatever you are doing at that moment is lowered.

  • The first thing we must do is enter the control panel. For this go to ” Start ” in the lower left part of Windows.
  • A menu is displayed where you must type ” Control Panel ” and press enter.
  • Next, look for the “Sound” option. In case you have trouble finding the option in ” Control Panel ” configure to see large icons instead of categories, you can do it from scree in the right of top ” View it: “
  • Once you enter ” Sound ” a new window will open and we will go to the ” Communications ” tab, which would be the last one on the right.
  • What you must do among the four selectable options is to choose the last one ” Do nothing “. Just click on ” Apply ” and then ” OK “. That’s it.
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How to prevent the volume from being lowered when I speak on Skype

When we do this when receiving a Skype call, the volume of the applications we are using or the video game we are enjoying will not be affected by the call.

Also, in case you suffer this problem with a game, instead of using Skype to maintain communication with your friends.

How to fix Skype problems?

Skype is one of the main applications in the world when we talk about messaging, although to be more strict we should say that it corresponds to the segment of video calling apps for Android, in this case.

Well, with the millions of users it has around the world, it is quite common that like any other app, from time to time Skype experiences some operating problems.

Skype for Android is usually a completely efficient application, it is true, but that does not mean that it could have some episodes of not working, or not working as it should, and it is precisely on these that we want to fall.

And we say it because just as its errors are varied, the solutions to them are also, and right now we are going to teach you to leave behind the main errors of Skype.

Common Skype mistakes… and their solutions

  • “Available space is insufficient” during installation: the first of the common Skype problems that we did not want to miss is the appearance of this message when we are installing the application. It is almost always an Android error, about which we must emphasize that it is due to residual files that have not been deleted. It is advisable to restart the mobile and try the download again.
  • Use more than one account: in this case, we are not talking about a Skype problem at all, although we do know that some users have not been able to take advantage of the system to use more than one account. What we recommend is nothing more than going to Settings, deactivating the automatic login box, and logging in with another account next time.
  • Calls consume a lot of data: of course, we always recommend using Skype while connected to a WiFi network, although we know that this condition cannot be met in all cases. If you have been using Skype through your data rate and it is literally consuming it, you can go to Settings, Voice and video calls, and reduce the quality of the transmission we make.
  • Problem to access Skype: it may happen that you have problems accessing your Skype account, in fact, it is a fairly common thing, but in the same way, it should have a simple solution. We say this because we just have to go to the Google Play Store as if we were going to download the app, open it and check if there is the possibility of updating it, clicking on this option if it is available.
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We hope that any questions you have about “how to stop skype from lowering volume”.

Now you can continue using the app without any kind of problems.

Likewise, if you still have problems or we have not been able to solve it.

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