How to Stop Downloading text messages on Android

In your Galaxy 3 phone, something happens when text messages are suddenly downloaded but nothing happens. You checked all the settings and they look fine.

Also rebooted the phone but still now it doesn’t work. If you are in this trouble this article for you.

In this article, we guide how can you stop downloading text messages on android phone? Follow the instruction below.

So let’s get start it.

Stop Downloading text messages on Android

Disable the Package Disabler

Many users use package deactivation to block bloatware applications. If the disable blat ware option is enabled, package disabling blocks many essential applications and services.

Your phone’s MMS service is marked as package ware by package disable, and if the service is disabled in this way, you may find yourself in error.

In this case, disabling the package disable may resolve the issue.

  • Tap the package disable widget and the widget icon will turn blue.
  • Then check if you can download the MMS message.

Disable IPV6 Protocol

The IPV6 protocol was introduced to correct the limitations of the IPV4 protocol, but it still has its share of issues.

If your router has the IPV6 protocol enabled and you use that connection to download MMS, you may encounter an error.

In this context, disabling IPV6 can solve the problem.

  • Disable the IPV6 protocol on your router. You can do this by navigating through the IP address provided on the back of the router’s settings.
  • Then check if you can download MMS messages.
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