How to start a new game in Pokemon Moon

The trending Pokemon Moon and Sun games have been liked by many gaming kids. These games bring familiarity to the very famous cartoon of Pokemon having different Pokemon and their master Ash.

Those who are new to this game will often ask, “how to start a new game in Pokemon moon” question. But the process of starting a new game or new or old users is very simple.

Even there is a lot of things to know about it’s Pokemon of specific regions, UI, commands, and other important details. Let’s start by each of them in brief:

How do you start a new game on Pokemon moon without deleting data?

Well, technically there is no way to officially do that from the UI itself. It will take some extra effort to do start a new game without deleting data.

For the question, “how to start a new game in Pokemon moon”, you simply need to follow a few steps to give a try.

Again, this method may cause some issues to a few users, but you will fix it as time passes. So, to start with a new game without deleting the data, you will need a second copy available of the same game and its version.

Also, you need to have a hardware store where you can store your data if it shows some errors.

After this, you can choose by going the main menu and long-press the UP button + Y and B which will open the window of deleting the files. Here you can delete the files and start with the new game.

How do you delete data on Pokemon moon?

Before asking how to start a new game in Pokemon moon, the simplest way to delete the data is from the video game player, just get to the screen way you have your Legends.

Press UP + X & Y keys, now the window will appear saying “would you like to delete all saved data? If you say yes, it will initialize the process of deleting the data.

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If you don’t want to lose it just select no and then it will resume back to the last saved game. This is also an important step on how to start a new game on the Pokemon moon.

For the PC, again you have to hold down X and then B and then hit up at the same time you’ll be able to get would you like to delete all options. Always remember once the data has been deleted, there is no way to recover.

So always have your backup saved somewhere in your drive. Don’t turn off the power and then pretty much once it’s done. With this, you’ll be able to go ahead and start a new game.

Many people would want to start a new game without deleting the data. But practically that is not possible in the video game player.

However, following a few tricks in the PC might lead to doing that. Again, all those methods do not guarantee a 100% result, so always research before applying any method from the internet.

How do I start a new game on the Pokemon shield?

You can start a new game in Pokemon shield by following these easy steps:

Go into the switch menu and select the system settings, click on data management, and look if your data is saved or not. And then delete data after saving.

As you can see when you load into the game normally, it just gets loading screen by which you can say it will just go straight into the game. It doesn’t offer you a menu system, it just starts and that’s it.

With this, you can start a new game on Pokemon shield by following these steps.

This can even help you make rid of the question of “how to start a new game in the Pokemon moon”. As the base steps are the same. But you need to follow the guide before committing any step.

Which Alola starter is best?

Some of the renowned Pokemon of the Alola region has been known for making the game turn active and interesting. They have great specs that can compete in any battle round.

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And they also hear the commands on a perfect rape. The starter Pokemon are those who make the game steady for a long time.

They also help in reaching the top levels at a fast speed. As soon as you get done with the “how to start a new game in Pokemon moon” question, you can start with the selection of the Alola starter Pokemon.

Best Alola starter Pokemon are as follows:

Rowlett: This Pokemon comes in-flight category having 3 stars. The first evolution starts on level 17 and the second elevation will start on level 34.

It can rotate its head up to 180 degrees because of the owl biology. It has excellent night vision along with amazing gliding technique.

Popplio: It is a primary Pokemon which as a nose with a pink shade, snout coming out long and white. It also has big eyes. It creates a water bubble from its nose made by a snort.

It can also throw elasticity from bubbles which lets him perform great physical activities and large jumps. It can also swim at a great speed.

Litten: It is among the 3-star category. It comes from cat biology so it can groom itself. And also fur from its stomach. With this fur and fiery attacks, it can cough and make the opponent lose.

How do I evolve Greninja to ash Greninja?

Greninja is giving up the possibility of Greenidge having protein instead of having that slot occupied by the afore mentioned battle bond the transformation of ash greninja to this form via the ability also takes time.

From this protein ability, ash greninja more or less has to focus on sheer power and when it comes down to it, ash turn and show delivers pretty well the first thing it improves is water shuriken with regular greninja.

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