How to Speed Up Mobile Website

Desktop computers have better processors and often have a more dependable connection to the internet than carrier data network mobile devices.

This means that the speed website of the mobile device is often optimized for mobile, even if the site is a bit slower than the desktop.

Web performance affects not only search rankings but also user’s mobile experience.

Here in this article, we show few tips that’s can speed up your mobile website. So let get start it.

Switch to another Website Server

If you feel that your hosting supplier is not summited your prospects, this may be the right time to switch to another.

If you use x-cart to sell your products and services online. For supreme performance, you need to change your store to another e-commerce hosting.

Enable Image Compression

Image density can also be very valuable for speeding up your mobile website.

It is shocking that there are still webmasters who do not pay courtesy to the file sizes of their images.

PNG, GIF and JPGs should be compressed on the web by at least 30-40%.

Load Above-The-Fold Content First

Your visible content should load before anything else. Google likes fast-loading pages and it is also valued by users.

That’s why you should rank that part of your web page before your clients start scrolling.

Loading so-called ‘up-fold’ content before “bottom-fold” content will help you speed up your website.

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