How to Send Individual Message in WhatsApp Group

This guide teaches you different ways to send a message to multiple Whatsapp contacts on Android.

If you want to be able to chat all recipients at once, you can add up to 256 contacts in group messages.

If you don’t know the recipient and you’re sending messages to more than one person, you’ll want to create a broadcast list.

Or, if you just want to forward something interesting to a few friends from an existing chat, you can do so using the forward feature.

Individual Message in Whatsapp Group

1. At first open Whatsapp on your phone. It has a green and white speech bubble icon with a phone receiver inside.

  • Use this method to forward a message from any chat to up to five separate contacts.
  • This method will work on any android.
  • If you often take screenshots of fun or i9nteresting things from chat to share with others.
  • This method gives you a less labor-intensive way to do it.

2. Open the chat in the message you want to send. You will find existing chats in the chat tab.

3. Tap the message you want to send. After one or one second, some icons will appear at the top of the screen.

4. Tap the forward icon. This arrow bar at the top of the screen will open your contact list.

5. Select up to five contacts. If you need to send the message to more than five people, just repeat the steps in this manner after forwarding the first five. A separate chat will be started with each member.

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6. Tap Send or Forward. The option you see depends on your device version of Whatsapp.

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