How To Save Your Pokemon In Pokemon Home

To save your Pokemon in Pokemon Home, you will have to download the version of the application for your Nintendo Switch.

When you turn it on, you will enter the process of sending Pokemon.

Here, you will have the list of your Pokemon, which will be deposited in your basic or premium box, depending on whether you are paying for the Premium or not.

How To Save Your Pokemon In Pokemon Home

When choosing the Pokemon, you will go to the screen where the Switch games in which you have a saved game appear.

Here, you select a game, and on the left, you will see the characteristics of this game’s saved game on your console.

When you select a game you will go to the screen above.

In it, on the left, you will see your Pokemon Home box in which you can save the Pokemon within the application.

And on the right will appear the Pokemon captured in the game you have chosen.

You can move through them and you will see their statistics, movements, nature, ability, if they have an equipped object, etc.

The process is as simple as selecting the Pokemon you want to move.

To do this, click on it, and you will get the Move option.

When you choose it, you move it from one box to another, moving it from the right screen to the left.

If the game is not compatible with Pokemon Home, either because they have movements that they should not have in that game or because they are not listed in the National Pokedex.

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