How to Reset Pokémon X Data

Pokémon games only allow you to keep a saved file which means once you finish the game.

You need to know how to reset your adventure to start it again. That’s why you need to know how to reset Pokémon X data.

If you’re looking for shiny Pokémon and don’t want your Nintendo 3DS console turned on.

Well also detail how to reset Pokémon X data further below.

Reset Pokémon X Data

Having done everything you want to do, you have decided to start with your Pokémon X save game.

The process for this is extremely simple and can be done almost instantly.

Follow the steps below to reset your Pokémon X game soon you will be back to a new adventure.

  • Turn on Pokémon X: Turn on your Nintendo 3DS and load Pokémon X.
  • Press X. B, Up: Once on the games menu screen, press the following: D< X< B on the pad and above which will bring up the option to delete your saved file.
  • Confirm Your Reset: Click yes and you will reset your copy to Pokémon X.

If you want to reset Pokémon X just repeat this process and you can have endless adventures in the kalos region.

As mentioned earlier, resetting other 3DS Pokémon games usually follows the same process.

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