How To Remove Inbox Label In Gmail

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How to remove inbox label in gmail?

Labeling is one of the important features of Google’s free email (Gmail) service.

Easily a user can attach a “label (with name)” to an email or a set of email messages.

It’s a good way to organize your email archives.

You can easily remove the inbox label in gmail. These labels are customizable and can be easily changed or removed at any time.

  • Now, select all the emails that currently have the label you want to remove.
  • To do this for a single email, just click and open that email. To select multiple emails at once, click the box to the left of each email you want to select. You should see check-marks appear in the boxes.
  • Click on the “labels” button that appears at the top center of the Gmail screen. A pop-up window will open listing all custom labels.
  • Select all the labels you want to remove, then click the small box to the left of each label until the check-mark disappears.
  • 4 Confirm the changes by clicking on the “Apply” link, which has now appeared at the bottom of the window.

How to Configure your labels

As in the case of categories, personal tags have a small drop-down on the right that allows you to configure them.

Through the “Manage labels” screen you can adjust some aspects but this menu is more complete.

These are the options it offers to you.

  • Label color: You can assign the color that allows you to identify emails of this type.
  • In the tag list: You have the options to show, hide or show if there are unread items. This option is only available for labels in the higher hierarchy, those that depend on them will be dragged by the configuration of the higher one.
  • In the message list: You can make the labels visible or not in the messages.
  • Modify: This option takes you to the same creation window. There you can change its name and hierarchical structure.
  • Delete tag: Delete the tag, but not the emails to which you have assigned that tag.
  • Add a sub-tag: Create a tag dependent on the one you are on.
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How to recover deleted emails from your Gmail account

Gmail is the largest and most widely used email service today, and the more than 1 billion users it currently has shown it.

It offers great options for managing your mail and organizing it easily.

The servers that run mail from Google are enormous, so, as you know, gives you a huge amount of storage space. Let’s go there with the problem.

The Problem: Recover an email you have deleted

The Gmail Trash is foolproof, as it has the ability to store emails that you have deleted during the last 30 days or until the user personally deletes them.

The mail will be deleted when one of these two things happens.

However, if you use this account, you may find yourself in a situation that is not easily overcome with these options.

Since we are all human, there is always the possibility that you delete an important email by mistake and that you cannot find it.

The first logical step is to look at the Recycle Bin to see if you can find it there.

And if that doesn’t work, there are still some options that may work.

Possible Solutions you can try

If you want to know what you can do to recover these emails, here are some things you can try.

Usually, if you have deleted important emails permanently in most cases there is no way to recover them.

We could say that it is a path of no return. They cannot be retrieved using the Gmail interface.

Report the problem to Google

However, there is a hopeful possibility that is to report the problem to Google.

They may be able to retrieve the email. To do this, you must send them a report with all the information that helps them identify the email.

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In this way, they will do everything possible to help you.

You must give them your email, and other information such as the date of the email or the period of time since you noticed that you no longer had the email, along with a description of the problem. You can send a request to Google from here.

Email recovery for G Suite users

You may have some hope of recovering your email if you’ve accidentally deleted your emails, and even if you’ve deleted them from your Trash if you’re a G Suite user.

If you have the administrator profile of this service you can restore all deleted emails for a single user, and even for 10 at a time.

To do this, all you have to do is access the Administration Console.

Before starting with this procedure, it is important to say that it only works to recover deleted emails during the last 25 days.

All the emails that you have deleted before this time cannot be recovered.

To restore deleted data for a G Suite user, you must do the following:

  • Log in to the G Suite Administrator account and go to the Admin Console. Once there, click on “Users” to see all the profiles in your group.
  • Choose the user for whom you want to perform this procedure.
  • Then, on this user’s page, click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner and click “Restore Data.”
  • You will see a window in which you will be asked for the date and the service. Enter the date range for which you want to retrieve the emails. Select Gmail as a service.
  • Remember that you can only request that data deleted during the last 25 days be recovered. Don’t leave fields empty or it won’t work.
  • Finally, click on Restore Data.

If none of these methods work, be patient and remember your experience, avoiding carelessly deleting emails.


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