How to Recover Old Gmail Account


Recover Old Gmail AccountSince its first launch in April 2004, Gmail has become the world’s most popular email service as a favorite among nearly1.5 a billion registered users and realtors.

But have you ever regretted deleting your account? Well, don’t be afraid because as long as you’re working g fast there’s a way to reverse the process.

Hears a detailed guide on how to recover your old Gmail account.

Old Gmail Account Recover Process

Recover Old Gmail Account

After you delete your Gmail account, the Google account only gives you two or three weeks to recover the account before it is recoverable.

At first, you need to go to the Google account help page. From there, scroll down to see the “Follow the step to restore your account” link.

Click on the link and it will take you to a webpage called “Account Recovery”.

From there, type the email address or phone number secondary with your deleted Gmail account and click “next”.

Then you will be asked for the password for the Gmail account you are trying to recover. Then press “next”.

You will receive a validation that shows you sign in. Click the continue key and you will see the account creation page to recover your email address.

Lastly, open in your web browser. If you do all the steps properly.

You should be able to login into your account and open your inbox very easily without any data loss.

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