How to Play Pokémon Sword and Shield on PC

So, you want to play Pokémon Sword and Shield on PC. Maybe, are you interested in PCs on pseudomonas are go Pikachu and Pokémon lets go Ev.

This is the exact place for you.

So first of all, is possible to play these games on any Pc without any switch or game ownership.

Do you need a super-powerful PC? No, but we are simulating the switch with an emulator that will make your hardware play the smooth game.

Hardware Requirements

  • Our planned provisions do not guarantee perfect performance in most games. But try to make a cost actual approval considering the performance.
  • Mobile CPU will not reach the same performance as their desktop parts due to current, power and technical limits.
  • GPU must support open L 4.5 and open GL compatibility profiles, or Vulcan 1.1.

Play Pokémon Sword and Shield on PC

Now we are going to download the ROM of the game, I suggest downloading the ROM in XMC format.

This is the ideal format if all wild Pokémon, trainers’ gym and possibly nozzle have a randomization process in normal time.

In Yuzu ROM we just need to find and download the ROM that we want to use in Yuzu.

The process is quite intuitive, not considering which of the downloaded sub-sites would be better. The perfect convenience I recommend Torrent.

Once downloaded, just look for it and tell Yuzu from the main screen of the open program.

And here you can play your great Pokémon without any problems.

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