How to Leave a Google Review

Leave a Google Review

Nowadays Google review plays a vital role in increasing your business sells. It’s very important for your business but many people don’t know how to leave a Google review.

This is probably why leave Google reviews are one of the most popular and reliable forms of customer feedback.

We are all accustomed to the process because maybe we follow the weekly step even if not every day:

Do a Google search scroll through the list, see their rating and top reviews, consider what ice cream is a place to take before making a small decision.

If they don’t have great reviews, you are more likely to go ahead and discover something better. This is the power of Google review.

How to Leave a Google Review, Step By Step

Leave a Google Review

Here’s how Google left the review:

  1. At first, open your internet browser.
  2. Do a Google search for Google my business.
  3. Click to write a review by scrolling through a business listing or clicking on their review on Google Maps.
  4. If you are not signed in, a sign–in box will appear: You must sign in to your Google account to leave a review.
  5. After sign in you will give the option to select a specific number of starts for the company and write a description of your knowledge.
  6. Click the post after selecting the star rating.

If you run your own business, you know that Google reviews are not very difficult to survive, it is not very convenient for your customers.

People who leave a review are often in the minority who may have had a negative experience.

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Meaning your Google do not reflect how the majority of your happy satisfied customer fell.

Fortuitously there are ways to make this process even shorter and make it so much easier for your customer to leave a review, they can do it in a few seconds.

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