How to Install Android Apps from PC

Android Market provides a convenient and straightforward way for smartphone owners to install apps on their phones.

For some users, it is easier to download applications and install them on android while working on PC.

However, if you Are looking to download an app that has just been released and is probably not yet available in the market.

You can then copy and play the files to your mobile device. Let’s start to know how to install android apps from PC.

Install App from PC to Android with Apowersoft Phone Manager
you can use it to install various applications on android phones, to uninstall your unwanted application, and to manage applications.

In growth, the software can back up all your media files and handover them to your computer and vice versa.

It has a lot features to offer, it is stable, safe and reliable to use.

  • After downloading the software is your computer connect your android device via all these cables.
  • Go to the Apps
  • Click “Install” and select the APK file that you download to your PC. The files will then be transferred to your android device.

Install Apps on Android from the Google Play Website

You need to register your device to install android applications from PC using Google play website.

Just like it works on mobile phones, the Google play store will show you which app you want to download are compatible with your device.

This option is convenient because you can register different devices. Once you have found the app just click the “Install Button” and choose the device you want to install.

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However, some applications that you want may not be available in the android market. In this case, you can use a third-party application to install applications from other sources.

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