How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Error

Wi-Fi authentication error occur when you are using the correct password even if your device can’t effectively connect to any Wi-Fi network.

Under usual conditions, your phone will automatically connect to the network if you are previously connected to the network.

There are simple ways to fix the authentication problem. The flowing are some common keys that you can easily try.

Forget the Network

You can do this by forgetting the network before you try to connect again. The steps to do this are here.

  • Go to settings and look for “Wireless and Networks”. Particular smartphones have “connections” instead. Tap it and go to Wi-Fi option.
  • Once you click the Wi-Fi option, you’ll see a list of near Wi-Fi networks, counting the ones you’re already connected to. And the network you’re having trouble connecting to.
  • When you select the network, you will see a “Forget Network” option. Tap it to reset the selected network settings.
  • Once reset, try connecting to the network, you will be asked for the authentication password. Just type the password and connect.

Use WPS Push Button

WPS, also known as Wi-Fi secure setup, it the security average for creating a home network without a password.

  • Go to Setting > Wireless and Networks > Advance settings. You can look for several WPS options liable on your mode.
  • Tap a WPS push button. The WPS setup to come for an outline from your router will appear on your screen.
  • On your router, press the WPS button and wait for the connection to be established.
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Hope your problem-solve to maintain this guide. If not fix please shear your problem in the comment box.

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