How to Fix Resolving Host Problem in Google Chrome


Resolving host problem in Google ChromeSometimes you can start loading experienced sites in your Google Chrome browser very quickly. If you noticed the message “Resolving host problem in Google Chrome” in the status bar of your browser, this may be the main reason for the delay.

It called resolving host problem in Google Chrome.

This solution to the host problem may result in the site being loaded in a scam way without any suitable link.

In addition to Google Chrome, it affects all popular browsers like Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc and sites will not load properly.

Why Resolving Host Problem Happens in Google Chrome

There are many reasons for happens resolving host problem in Google Chrome.

In order to open a website, the URL of the site arrived in the address bar of the browser must address numerous IP addresses.

This resolve occurs through the domain name system which is generally known as DNS.

The practical reason for deciding the host issue is that it takes a long time to find the charting.

The  IP address of the URL you entered on the DNS servers arranged by your internet service provider(ISP).

This is maybe due to a change in ISP or a change in DNS setting by your ISP.

Sometimes the DNS cache stored in your local computer or chrome browser may interruption finding the exact IP address of the site.

How to Clear DNS cache in Chrome

First, you need to enter the address below in your browser’s address bar and press enter on your keyboard.

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This will load the Chrome internal setting page. From here you need to click on the “clear host cache” button and clear chromes DNS cache.

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