How to Fix Google play error code 504

Google play error code 504 occurred reasons by some issue with use device. The setting in which the error occurs may vary from condition to situation.

Occasionally this can be caused by an error in the devices or some technical issues in the app.

In this article we will share how to fix this error 504. And short of any delay, lets fence into the solution.

How to Fix Google play error code 504

A simple fix that operated for somebody it to turn off your mobile data and then restart it. You can try this now by turning on your flight mode.

Then go to Setting-Use data-Turn off mobile data and turn it on again. Now try transferring or updating the app through Google play.

If that doesn’t work, some users have even fixed the Google play store error 504. Uninstalling annoying apps or games frees up some space on their android device.

If these android fixes don’t work, follow the next guideline in below.

Clear App Data

  • Go to Setting > Application director > Open the “All” application
  • Search Google play store from the list of apps > Clear data and clear cache
  • Google services outline > clear data and clear cache from the list of application
  • Now install or update the app from Google play store

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