How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error Youtube

500 internal server error youtube while watching your favorite videos and suddenly the video is interrupted and I get an error message in the YouTube server saying “500 internal server error youtube “ If this has happened to you more than once, which is annoying, then this article is for you.

This annoyance 500 internal server error youtube is more common than you might imagine.

For the most part, it can be solved relatively easily by applying the rule-out method step by step.

Most of the time, after 30 seconds of waiting, the playback continues.

How to fix 500 internal server error youtube

Actually, we can nothing to do with 500 internal server error youtube. But sometimes it works automatically.

And the first thing is that there is no single reason that can explain this failure. In fact, Google itself has even published videos, the causes that can explain it.

But the truth is that in some cases the failure is caused by things that we can not control.

Solve the problem ‘500 internal server error youtube’

  • May 500 internal server error Youtube. It is convenient to have more than one browser installed on the PC so determine according to your needs which is the best browser for you. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is try opening the video in any other browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge. IF this step works it means that the Adobe Flash plug-in is failing.
  • But, and if taking the previous step the failure persists, what do we do? Well, nowadays many videos already run without problems in HTML5, but there is still some dependency on flash, and it should be updated. This step is key, especially if you use a browser other than Google Chrome in which you will have to have this add-on installed for 500 internal server error youtube.
  • Still not working? Then the next step is to clear the cache memory of the computer and eliminate the cookies that are saved. Each browser has a different way of eliminating them but in general, it is found in the navigation data section of the configuration.
  • If 500 internal server error youtube. Another option to consider is to watch and try to load the video at a different point at the beginning or with lower quality, lightening the load of it.
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Other possible reasons for 500 internal server error youtube

Keep in mind that YouTube is a site that plays video streaming and that millions of people visit it, for which 500 internal server error youtube of various types appear can sometimes become common.

So sometimes restarting the device you are using can solve the problem.

In most of the cases that are reported with 500 internal server error youtube like this, and others related to Flash Player or other playback problems are caused by programs like AdBlock or other browser extensions.

Thinking about this fact, disabling these programs or changing the personalized ads function in your browser solves the problem.

Final words about 500 internal server error youtube

It must be taken into account that sometimes the servers of YouTube or Google, which owns YouTube can fail.

And it may be that sometimes various errors like this are due to corrupt or missing files.

In these cases, reinstalling the internet browser that you usually use or even all of them could solve the problem.

The failure can have various origins but we also offer you many possible solutions, so we hope this article will help you solve the problem of the error “500 internal server error youtube ”generated by YouTube.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to subtitle Youtube videos in multiple languages

The subtitles feature is very useful, as they allow more people to access your content.

In the next paragraphs, we will see how to put subtitles on YouTube videos in various languages.

It is usually used for those who want to access a certain video and do not understand the original language of it or for people with hearing problems, for example.

If you have YouTube Studio, you only have to configure it with the “Classic Version” in the menu on the left.

Then, you must access “Creator Studio> Video manager> Videos”.

You will now have to click on a drop-down menu that is next to the ” Edit ” button.

There, select “Subtitles> Add new subtitles”. There you must choose how you want to add subtitles to your video.

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How to edit or remove subtitles from YouTube videos fast and easy

Keep in mind that, if the subtitles were created automatically, you will have a new track that will add the modifications you make.

  • To begin, go to “Video Manager> Edit> Subtitles”. There you must search and select the track you want to edit.
  • Click on ” Edit “, make all the changes you consider necessary and, to finish, select “Publish changes” to save and publish said modifications.
  • You can also modify the time of the subtitle tracks from the same editor. To do this you must go to “Video manager> Edit> Subtitles> Edit”.
  • Press ” Edit ” on the video in question and drag the bars on the subtitle track. Once you have finished changing the timing of the subtitles, select “Publish changes to save and publish the same.
  • If for some reason you no longer want them to appear in the video, you can remove the ones you added and the ones that were generated automatically.
  • To remove the ones you added go to “Video manager> Edit> Subtitles. There you must select the language in which you want to delete them.
  • When you have positioned yourself on it, click on ” Actions ” in the drop-down menu next to the video. Finally, click on Delete to confirm this action.
  • If instead, it is to eliminate the subtitles that were generated automatically, we are going to go to “Video manager> Edit> Subtitles.
  • Here you must click on the language that will be marked with the legend “Automatic” and select “Cancel publication”.

If you later want to add such subtitles, just switch to ” Post “.

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If you want to solve the “500 internal server error youtube” problem, then just follow our tips.

Hope it works. And do you have any other problems? Leave a comment below the box.

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