How to Evenly Space Measures in Musescore

Adjust the general interval space of your measures in Musescore. Most of the music intervals in the final are automatic, but you can manually change how your music is displayed on the printed page.

The final automatic music spacing splits the notes as they enter and is designed to avoid collisions with arrows, lyrics and other score elements.

Space Measures in Musescore

In most cases, you never have to worry about this feature. However, you may encounter examples where the music does not appear to be spaced properly.

In this case you can apply the music interval manually.

Now is the time for the final page view function to be most effective.

  • A first choice view > page view
  • Click selection tool
  • Press Ctrl + A to highlight the whole document
  • Choice utilities > Music Spacing > Apply current part

Once the finale is over, you may notice the gap between the music and the bar lines looking for more professionals.

Each measurement is as wide as necessary and each note is properly allocated for horizontal space.

The music thus published seems to have nonlinear spacing like the music published. A complete note does not get horizontal space like a four-quarter note, in fact it is much less.

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