How To Embed A PDF In An Email Gmail

Gmail is one of the most famous email services out there, if not the most popular, and among the many options it makes available to users is the ability to add a personal signature.

Every time we are try to tell you someting new. Here you ask “how to embed a pdf in an email gmail “.

You know that  here you get  answer in this article. I’ll trying to explain you.

So, I hope you doesn’t miss it! I know, you want to know about it.

If you have a Gmail account that you will use for work. This time we will tell you about the “how to embed a pdf in an email gmail”.

How to embed a pdf in an email gmail

So in the following lines, we are going to show you “how to embed a pdf in an email gmail”.

Before continuing, we must say that if you do not know “how to embed a pdf in an email gmail? We are sorry to say that…

There is no way to embed a pdf in an email gmail. But if you want you could attach pdf as a file.

As you hear it, one of the best ways to give your emails a personal touch has to do with setting up your own pdf in Gmail.

How to activate your signature in Gmail

Well, if you are interested in carrying out this type of procedure, you have to know that the first thing to do will be to click on the icon of the gear wheel that you have at the top right of the screen once you have entered the application.

When you do this, the Gmail options menu will be displayed, and among them you have to click on Settings, which will allow you to enter the service settings page.

Once there, in General, you must go down to the Signature option .

You will see that you can choose between No Signature or activate a new one , which is what interests us in this case.

If you want to generate one, a box will appear in which you can write your signature, and each time you send an email, it will appear as you wrote it there.

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Put links in Gmail signature

Beyond this that we have mentioned above, you will notice in the same way that Google allows you to customize your Gmail signature through different tricks, among which we are especially interested in the possibility of adding links.

In fact, we could say that it will be possible to write in this field as if you were using Word or a similar word processing tool, which is why you have the chance to add web links, for example.

Once you have developed the signature to your liking, then all you have to do is Save the changes, and at that precise moment you will have developed your own signature, thanks to which you can personalize all your emails without spending too much time on it…

How to know if they have entered my Gmail?

The use of e-mails has become indispensable in the lives of many people for several years now.

Despite the fact that social networks are increasingly taking center stage, the use of email is a necessity. Gmail is one of the most used. Now, how do I know if someone entered my gmail account without my consent?

We will explain how to find out.

Procedure to know if someone entered your Gmail email

One of the peculiarities that the people of Google have is to offer their users different alternatives that allow you more security.

This is very important taking into account that it is possible that someone is interested in reviewing your files.

Well, in the Gmail account we can have different tools to know if a person is entering your account. Let’s see how to use them.

Check the IP addresses that have used your Gmail account

Every computer or mobile device that browses the Internet has an IP address that is unique and unrepeatable.

In gmail there is a record of the different IPs that check your mail, so you can check them.

To do this, enter your gmail account and scroll down to the end you will find a set of important data for what we want to do.

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These data are what will allow us to know if a person is using our gmail account.

The data is: IP address from which you are connecting, when was the last activity of your account and you will see a link to more details.

Review the More Detailed Information of your Gmail

At the bottom of your Gmail page you must click on the phrase “More detailed information” or “Details” which is the option to find the IP data that your Gmail entered.

In this box that will open you will be able to find very interesting data about the IPs that entered your Gmail, such as the country of precedence of these IP addresses, it also indicates the date and time, day and time of entry to your bill.

Another detail that Gmail offers you in this section is the opportunity to see not only the IP data that we just mentioned, but it also allows you to know from which device it entered .

This will let you know if I enter from a mobile or a Web browser .

In the case of mobile phones, it can even indicate the mobile model and the brand.

Compare the IP to know if a Person Entered your Gmail Email

Once you have a list of the IP addresses that have entered your Gmail account, you must proceed to compare and see if any of those IPs are not from the devices you usually use.

To do this you must first write down the IP addresses of your personal computer, PC, Laptop, mobile phones and other devices with which you usually enter your gmail account.

You can also check the days and hours in which it appears that your account was entered.

Then check the schedules in which you have done it. If they do not match, it is that someone else is logging into your account.

In this case, we advise you to choose a better password for your account and be careful with the public computers where you connect.

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