How to Edit Instrument on Musescore

If you want to edit any instrument Musescore to the new score wizard.

This description is 2.x for Musescore 1.x and the process is the same for 3.x but not identical.

First, it is a process that is not often required.

You can use any device and change the name of the device the text in front of the staff display.

You can change the sound of the device in the mixer, or you can change the range and location in the staff properties.

Create a template with all these changes and use it after creating the score.

However, you can add an item to the list of materials for simplicity.

Edit Instrument on Musescore

Go to the Musescore installation folder in the template directory. The whole way C program files Musescore templates should be similar to windows.

Open notepad ++ with file instrument.xml, or as you have previously chosen with a text editor.

This is an XML file that contains a list of instruments and each has a list of instruments. One is below:

<device-group extended = “1” name = “group-test”> <monthly group>

You can copy/paste it to add equipment to a new section or to an existing group of materials.

Note that the extended feature, if present and set to 1, will make the group of materials invisible unless you click “Show more” in the new score wizard.

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