How to Delete Pokémon Black & White Save

Many of you may want to know how to delete your Pokémon Black & White save data on Pokémon.

There are many reasons for this, especially the ‘Lumia’s City Save Data Bug’ which has affected the European 3d consoles.

How to Delete Pokémon Black Save

Since Pokémon is a big part of the collective game, the developers deliberately tried to make it harder to delete your data.

To do this, go the main screen of the game and at the same time at the top, select and press B. This will bring up some menu options that will enable you to delete your game.

If you’re serious about deleting, make sure you’re taking the time to navigate these menus, as all defaults will be deleted.

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How to Delete Pokémon White Save

If you are playing Pokémon white and want to delete save data. You already use few method but doesn’t work.

Don’t worry about this we shear with the process how you delete your game save data. Follow these step below.

You have to Press + Select + B on the title screen, this is the screen where you will see the title (Pokémon White Version) and cover Pokémon Jerome.

Looking at the title screen (taken from Pokémon Black via emulator)

Once you press the button just like that, you will see your screen delete your all data option.

Just confirm Yes or No, that’s it.

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