How to Delete a Steam Group

If you have been using Steam for years and you think that you already have many titles in your account that you neither use nor are there any use to you, today we are going to explain step by step how to delete a game from your Steam account forever.

Of course, keep in mind that when you delete a game from your account you will no longer be able to install it and that you will lose all your data and the add-ons you have purchased.

how to delete a steam group
how to delete a steam group

How to delete a game from your Steam account

  • The first thing you have to do is enter Steam and select the game you want to delete from your library.
  • Once you enter the game file, click on the Support link on the right, in the Links section of the game in question.
  • Click on the option I want to permanently delete this game from my account that appears just below everything.
  • Before allowing you to delete the game, you will go to a screen with some more information about it.
  • Click on the option Ok, delete the games listed from my account permanently if you really want to delete the game and the add-ons that you may have.
  • This is the confirmation command, so you will not be asked for anything else.
  • And that’s it when you click on Ok, delete the listed games from my account permanently your game and all its add-ons will disappear from your Steam account. Now, if you want to play again, you will have to start the game recovery process.

Can you permanently delete a Steam game?

Yes, you can permanently delete a Steam game.

How to use Steam Remote Play to play local multiplayer with friends over the Internet

This system has received the name of Steam Remote Play and has some very interesting features.

Following a redesign of the Steam library, Valve has implemented a new feature that may prove very important for the future and for multiplayer games.

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The feature supports online multiplayer for all local, co-op, and split-screen multiplayer games. Here we tell you what it is and how to use it.

What is Steam Remote Play

This system is designed to allow up to four people to play cooperative and split-screen multiplayer games together online.

Remote Play Together lets you play local multiplayer titles with Friends of Steam online. This new functionality transmits video, audio, and voice input between players.

It also allows command, keyboard, and mouse control between users. All of them available on PC, Mac and Linux.

How to join Steam Remote Play

The first thing you have to do is join the beta version of this new feature. You can do it here. Next, you have to follow a few simple steps to play a title in this way. It must be said that only the host of the session can enable this new function.

How to activate a game on Steam with a product code

Today we are going to show you how to activate a game on Steam with a product code. In this way, if you have bought a game compatible with Steam in any other third-party digital store, you will not have problems incorporating that title into your catalog on the Valve platform.

First, we are going to start by talking to you about the product keys compatible with Steam and mentioning some of the stores where you can buy games that you can later redeem.

Then we will go directly to explain the game activation process step by step once you have the key in your hand.

Why a product key?

Steam is a platform that has become popular not only for its wide catalog of titles available in its digital store but also for its continuous and long-awaited sales at which it drops the prices of some games.

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However, that’s not to say that Steam prices are always the best.

In recent times, platforms such as Humble Bundle, IndieGala, or similar are gaining popularity, in which games are sold perfectly legally in batches that make them much more attractive.

These games often come without DRM, you can install them without having them on any digital platform, but they also give you the option to redeem them on Steam by adding them to your profile using a code or product key.

Even Amazon and other major stores such as BestBuy or Newegg also occasionally sell games in digital format that you can later redeem on different platforms by entering these types of codes.

Therefore, knowing how to activate games on Steam with product keys is the first step in opening the doors of the platform and allowing you to buy games in external stores as long as they are later compatible with Steam.

This compatibility is usually specified in text or marked with a logo, so make sure before buying.

Activate a game on Steam with your product key

The first step you have to take is to obtain the product key of the game for Steam in the digital store where you bought it. Here each platform has its method to give you the keys, that is, you will have to search each of them.

For example, in a Humble Bundle, you have a list of all available on a specific page. But here as I say, each virtual store is a different world.

Then open your Steam client in Windows. In the menus that you have at the top right click on the Games option, and in the drop-down options choose the one that says Activate a product on Steam.

Don’t confuse it with Adding a Non-Steam Game to the Library, because it’s a totally different thing.

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