How to Delete a Discussion Post on Blackboard

4chan is an online follow forum. You can on 4chan post photos or comments on a variety of topics anonymously. It is an anonymous forum site. On 4chan you no need to complete a registration form. You can use another password to each post that you published.

4chan user can delete their post if necessary. If you do not provide a password when posting a new message receive a cookie on your Web browser that stores an automatically generated password on your computer.

How do I delete a post on 4chan?

  • Click your browser and visit the 4chan thread where you posted your message.
  • Click checkbox
  • scroll down.
  • Enter password in box
  • Click the “Delete” button.
  • Done

Or Follow this image option:

how to delete a discussion post on blackboard
how to delete a discussion post on blackboard

How to find my 4Chan Post

4chan is not like other forums. It has such a cultured and ready army of users that a thread that is logged only moments ago can wind up buried and seemingly lost forever.

Tech-savvy 4chan veterans and site administrators developed a few tools and tricks that you can use to keep track of messages once you are free in the 4chan wilderness. If you are new to wandering the site, be careful. Potentially offensive content and images are lurking around every corner.


Comando NOKO

  • Write submission using the blank form at the top of each page.
  • Type “noko”
  • Use your email address.
  • Submit post.
  • Doing so will allow you to stay in your current position if you are to actively participate in the thread, eliminating the need to return to the table and. Keep this window open and continually update the page to see your post and all updates.


  • Fill the submission form and send post to 4chan.
  • Open post after you submit.
  • Add the site to your bookmarks or favorites folder.
  • Open your bookmarks or favorites folder from within your browser and select your 4chan post to view it. Your post will be visible for only a limited time until it is removed by the site or administrators.

Firefox Toolbar

  • Install Firefox from and open the browser.
  • Go to and click “Download the 4chan Firefox Extension!” Click “Allow” when prompted by the Firefox dialog and wait for the tool to install. Restart your browser.
  • Post from 4chan and then navigate to your post. Notice you now have a blank check box to the left of your post title. Check this box to follow your post using the 4chan add-on Thread Watcher.
  • Click “Tools”, “Extensions”, “4chan” to start the plugin. Click on “Thread Watcher” in the menu on the left side of the tool.
  • Choose from any of the threads you have added to Thread Watcher to open it.
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Tips and Warnings
If you can’t find your post by any of these methods, or by browsing open threads on the site, your post has probably been removed by website software or site administrators. Messages last only a few minutes to a few days before serving clean, allowing 4chan to continually cycle through fresh new content.

If your post violated the terms of service or was posted to a board in the wrong category, moderators will manually remove it.

How to report a 4Chan Post

4chan is an online bulletin board that allows users to post images and messages. With 4Chan, you are able to speak Japanese anime, music, photography, and video games.

4chan makes sure that this community is safe for all its members. If you come across a post that talks about breaking the rules or the law, just take a few seconds to report the post to the 4Chan moderators.


  • Go web browser.
  • Open 4Chan.
  • Find the post that you want the report.
  • Click the box in left corner of the post.
  • Scroll and Click “Report” button.
  • Confirm that you want to report this post. Moderators look at your report.

Tips and Warnings
Please read the “Rules” section before posting anything on the 4Chan website.
False report a post will get you banned from 4Chan.

Can a student delete a discussion post on Blackboard?

Yes, student can delete a discussion post on Blackboard.

Benefits and Solutions of Using Blackboard

Blackboard is an LMS (Learning Management System) that is, a tool that provides an online learning experience and a support network for teachers. This tool works hand in hand with students in an intuitive and insightful way so they can be successful in the educational environment.

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Tools such as Blackboard, which are used in high-level educational institutions, offer the necessary technology and services that allow us to promote student success throughout the academic experience.

Here are 10 benefits that Blackboard and CognosOnline offer as an online learning management tool:

1.Technology to measure and guarantee results

It refers to the facilities offered by the system to be able to measure the performance and work of students simultaneously and continuously, generating results that allow you to observe the progress of learning and the goals established during a period of time either: annual, semester, monthly etc.

2.It is a platform that allows you to detect plagiarism with Artificial Intelligence

Like no other tool, Blackboard allows detecting if there is plagiarism among the works made by students, or if they are extracted from a website, which, sometimes it is difficult to detect by a teacher when having a significant number of students and works to review Therefore, the Artificial Intelligence with which this system works is ideal to guarantee the quality and originality of the students’ tasks.

3.Improvements in student and teacher performance

Blackboard is an unrivaled aid that ensures personal and professional growth for both student and teacher. It encourages student performance, but at the same time facilitates teachers’ tasks allowing them to pay more attention to the individual development of each student.

4.Excellent complement tool for teachers

This tool with more than 20 years of experience has been an invaluable complement for teachers, it has effective Artificial Intelligence so that teachers can develop optimally in their activities, and can have a greater scope in the evaluation of projects and supervision of the quality of the work done by the students.

5.Blended Education

Blended Learning is learning that combines e-learning (electronic learning) with face-to-face (synchronous) encounters, taking the advantages of both forms of learning. This type of education or training implies using new elements of technology, communication and new pedagogical models.

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