How to Block Text Messages on Android Samsung Phone

Block text messages on an Android Samsung phone can be done through a blocked phone.

Use third-party applications or through your service provider depending on how much you want to block incoming text messages.

The methods for doing this are varied but each background can be perfumed with little knowledge or skill.

Via Device

You have two options to directly block text messages on android Samsung phone via your Samsung Galaxy device.

First, you can add the phone number you want to block from your contact list, open the contact, tap the menu key, and select “add to resect list”.

The second option is to open a text message from the number you want to block, tap the menu key, and select “Add to spam Numbers”.

None of these settings can be undone on the same screen.

Via App

There are several apps available for the Samsung galaxy that can block phone numbers from calling or texting your mobile number.

Mr. Number, true caller, caller ID and block phone warrior, Block SMS, and another call.

The functionality of these applications varies, so try a few until you find one that has the interface and functionality of your choice.

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