How to Backup Pokémon Sword Save Data

Never be afraid if you move to a new switch and worry about the fate of your saved data. You can back up your save file to another switch, leaving all your Pokémon intact.

However, keep in mind that as in previous games, only one file is allowed to be saved according to the copy of the game.

So any saved file already present on the other switch will be overwritten and can’t be recovered.

Backup Pokémon Sword Save Data

At first go to the home menu. Prepare both the file you want to send the save file to and the switch file you want to receive.

Follow each step below on both consoles. If you continue to play, stop the game and go to the home menu.

Turn around with your Pokémon game icon and tap the + button on your jockey. From the games options menu, go to the manage software tab.

Select transfer your saved data under the manage software tab. Switch to the data you want to transfer, select save data to another console.

On the switch that will receive the save data, select received save data.

Select the user with the save file that you want to transfer to another console. Then select the Pokémon save data that you want to send through another console.

Then save data to initiate a transfer to another console.

Select the data receiver on the receiver switch. If you already have a save file in place, the system will warn you that the data transfer will overwrite.

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The data currently stored on the receiver switch and the save on the receiver console can’t be restored.

Select ok, and the transfer is complete.

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