How to Avoid Google Penalty

How can you avoid Google penalty and protect your website’s SEO visibility?

This is important because a search engine penalty can reduce or even delete your search traffic.

And it can be expensive and difficult to recover.

With each new algorithm update, Google tightens its standard a bit more.

Websites outside the dictionary can be fixed just outside the search engine.

If your site is penalized, you can expect your rankings to slip and revenue to decline.

What is a Google Penalty

What is a Google Penalty

Anything that directly violates Google’s webmaster guidelines can be penalized against your website.

The two main types are algorithm-based which is automatic and manual that imposes intentional penalties for “black hat” activities.

Although Google doesn’t call algorithmic hits per sager a “penalty”, the end result seems to be the same for any website owner.

Looks like someone threw a penalty flag against your site.

Tips for Avoid Google Penalty

You can take steps to reduce the reasons for causal to SEO penalties. Here are the top 3 guidelines to avoid fines:

  • Don’t Buy Link: Links to passing SEO values on your site should look natural. Make sure that any paid links have a “no-follow” feature and stay away from link systems.
  • Don’t Overuse Keyword: Stuffing your content with an exact recurrence of a key phrase can hurt your search engine ranking. Keywords are important, but use keywords properly in a natural discussion way.
  • Create Original, Quality Content: You must have unique, high-quality web pages to rank.

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