How to activate RCS messages

Google messages allows the use of RCS messaging on most carriers, even if they do not officially have the compatibility. And it’s very simple: you only need to enable chat functions in the application to get this benefit.

Instant messaging is not only a matter of applications; SMS has also evolved thanks to RCS messages.

With the idea of deployment, Google has created a messaging app that can be activated even if the operator does not offer compatibility.And it is really simple.

How to activate RCS messages

To activate the RCS on the phone, you must carry out the following process:

Step 1: Open the Google Messages app.

Step 2:Go to the three menu items and enter ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Go to ‘ Chat Features ‘.

Step 4: The option to ‘ Enable chat features ‘ should appear.

Click there and the activation process will be carried out.

If you already have RCS messages enabled, you will see that the status is displayed as ‘Activated’.

Also, messages will notify you of their availability.

In the event that you cannot activate the RCS, deleting all the data of the Messages application, also uninstalling it to reinstall it.

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