How Long Does an NBA Game Last

As we move towards more in western countries, the basketball game is one of the loved game among youngsters. The very popular federation is the NBA (National Basketball Association) is renowned and based in the United States of America.

It is usually played in New York. Many of us might not have a certain question about this game, like, “how long does an NBA game last” or any other similar doubt. Well let’s find out and know some interesting things about NBA game:

How long does an NBA game last on TV?

The NBA basketball game usually has 11 minutes in each quarter, and there are around 4 such quarters.

In these quarters, the actual game is played. And So, the actual game played last about 48 minutes.

Sometimes the 11-minute quarter can also turn to a 12-minute quarter depending upon the readiness of the team. And then there are a 15 minutes time-out after 2-3 quarters.

But as these games are also televised, it can extend up to 2 hours and 10 minutes or so.

You might guess about how long does an NBA game last and think of not more than an hour with the break.

But there are many things which are counted as extras and planned for the telecasting. Those can be commercial breaks, bound balls, timeouts, etc. Now, there is a 2-5-minute timeout between each quarter.

Many people complain about the long time-outs and ad-breaks on for the TV. But it is a format of a game, and some sponsors want to advertise their product as they paid a huge amount to sponsor the game.

How early should I get to an NBA game?

Go to the pavilion as soon as possible. And by early, it means you need to go to the pavilion at least before an hour or even more 30 minutes earlier.

And always pre-book your ticket online/ offline as it saves a lot of time and energy of buying on spot.

First try to find the time you would have to be queuing to enter or inside, in this way you will not miss anything: warm-up wheels, see how little by little the pavilion gets full, ask for autographs, even some other pre-event of the animation or an interview at the foot of the track.

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Finally, if you go with a group, you do not want to lose a good seat, you have to understand that this opportunity is not something common and that being in the meeting, they will not even notice if they are together, because all the attention will be on the spectacular show.

They might even telecast your group if you have some cool props or messages that you can show by holding them. It creates a whole different atmosphere and a great experience to watch the NBA game.

How long is a basketball game including breaks?

Senior teams play 4 halves or 12-minute quarters according to NBA basketball regulations with a break between the second and third quarters of 15 minutes or so, this depends on the tournament that is taking place.

When you want to know how long does an NBA game last, always keep in mind that it will take at least 2 hours and 10 minutes to finish the entire game with all the type of breaks, overtime, and timeouts.

Breaks and timeouts:

The duration of the game is about 48 minutes. But, like every other game, here we also have some breaks making way of the mains and tiny cut outs.

The main break is about 15 minutes long, which comes after the 2nd or 3rd quarter.

And then there are those 5 minutes small timeouts after each quarter. These are for the players to rest and take a pause.

And then there are tv-ad breaks and commercial breaks which also can be 5 minutes or so depending on the match and no. of sponsors.

What was the longest NBA game?

It was one the kind of day when the Indianapolis Olympians visited the Rochester Royals. There was no question of asking how long does an NBA game last.

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Both teams faced each other in a game without possession time, which led to endless plays and a puny scoring score. Keeping the edge was a must.

Therefore, the four regulation quarters showed a low score (65-65). But that was nothing compared to what would happen next: six overtimes in which 18 points were scored in total! Two less than the Pistons achieved in the last overtime and one more than the Bulls.

The game lasted for 78 long minutes and with the breaks, it was just more than a regular 2 hours game.

How many OT can NBA have?

Other consequences are that if a game ends tied; the basketball regulations say that it lasts for overtime of 5 minutes. If at the end of this extension the tie subsists, another period of 5 minutes follows.

If new ties persist, new extensions of 5 minutes will follow. Before you question on how long does an NBA game last, it should be remembered that between each extension, 1 minute of rest is granted.

The start of each overtime is done with a jump in the central circle just as if a new game were starting. In, this way if there is a tie every time, the maximum overtime will be for 6 times and not more than that.

What is the lowest-scoring NBA game?

Chicago Bulls is the team that has scored the fewest points in a game in NBA history.

The Bulls set the lowest scoring record in a game on April 10, 1999, with 49 points against the Miami Heat.

The Bulls lost 82-49 to the Florida franchise, in a season of transition in terms of roster construction and strange for the lockout since only 50 regular-season games were played.

The Illinois team without benchmarks Jordan and Pippen sailed aimlessly throughout the 1999 season and hit the wreck that day, April 10, where they went down in history as the lowest-scoring team in an NBA regular-season game.

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