How Does Steam Remote Play Together Feature

The feature is so ridiculously easy to use that the instructions for use will fit perfectly.

open a game from your Steam library that has some local multiplayer mode.

Then open your list of friends, right-click on the desired friend, and select the option “Invite to Remote Play Together”.

How Does Steam Remote Play Together Feature

How Does Steam Remote Play Together Feature

A streaming screen will open on the guest friend’s computer, broadcasting the selected game.

Allowing him to control one or more input devices: control/joystick, keyboard and mouse, and whatever else is available.

The coolest thing about Remote Play Together is that it only takes one person to have the game.

The invited friends do not need to have another copy of the game each and everyone can play freely, receiving the game’s images and controls on their respective computers.

In a common situation, up to 4 people can play at the same time, but Valve promises that even more people can participate in the game.

As long as the quality of everyone’s connection is the best and most stable possible.

Obviously, I couldn’t help testing the game, right? I invited some friends to play and test Remote Play Together.

We played a few minutes of different titles and checked the performance and quality of the video.

The response of the controls, and the compatibility with the games in our library.

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