How Do Rename A Label In Gmail

Learn How to rename a label in Gmail

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When you create an account in Gmail, you also make labels for your Google account.

Find out how to edit and customize your bookmarks, such as their colors, display mode, display name, and location in the bookmarks list.

By customizing the markers, you will be able to improve the visualization and increase its efficiency.

How do rename a label in Gmail?

How Do Rename A Label In Gmail

  • First, open a Gmail account and identify the label on the left side of the Gmail option.
  • Find the labels you want to rename. See the “3 dots.” button click on it. Then click the “Edit” option.
  • You can see the “edit label ” box will appear and rename the label name.

Note: you can not rename the label Gmail system automatically create, but you can rename or change the ones you create.

How do editing a label in Gmail?

  • Open the label you want to edit from the menu on the left of Gmail.
  • See the “3 dots.” button click on it. Then click the “Edit” option.
  • Lebel Color: You can choose the marker color among the standard colors, customize the color, remove the color and return to the traditional color.

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