How do Cameras Detect Motion

The motion sensor camera is a very useful technological solution to install in our homes, generally they work by infrared or ultrasonic waves.

Its main function is to detect in real time the movements that may exist in the place where it has been placed.

How do cameras detect motion

It is possible to connect the camera to an alarm that will warn us if there is any strange movement.

Types of motion sensors:

Passive or infrared detectors

These types of sensors are the simplest on the market and at the same time the most widely used.

Its use is based on the difference in temperature between humans and the space around them.

Ultrasonic motion detectors

These sensors are much more advanced than passive detectors and at the same time their price is also usually higher.

Its use is based on the emission of ultrasound waves, with a frequency inaudible to the human ear.

Mixed motion sensors

These sensors use the two technologies described above and are the most advanced on the market.

Infrared and ultrasound, active and passive, are found inside this type of sensor.

The great advantage of these sensors is that it is almost impossible for them to act without detecting movement, thus eliminating the chances of false alarms.

They can be used in large areas such as conference rooms, classrooms or theaters.

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