How can I Use MuseScore for Education

Use Musescore for education is perfect use in a classroom atmosphere. It is very easy to use, very dominant, and can be installed for free on any computer you need.

You can simply use it for exercise projects since your students can also download it for free at home.

If you are a music teacher using Musescore with your students. A Musescore is an individual perfect way for you to security engage students and connect with them.

When creating a group, check the box for “Private Groups” to keep your students safe,

Then use the “Invite People “button to send them an invitation to join the group.

How to make their uploads private (see privacy) and add them to the group.

You can comment straight on their scores and post statements in the group conversation section and they can update their marks in answer to your feedback.

Is Musescore Legal

Musescore is a score writer that supports a variation of file designs and input systems for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It is published as free and open-source software under the (GNU) General Public License.

Musescore comes with a freemium mobile score viewer and replays application and an online score sharing platform.

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