Hammer VPN Download for PC (Windows 7, 8 & 10)

hammer-vpn-for-pcTechnology is continuing to advance every time. Discoveries are made every moment.AS of January 2021, internet users have increased to 59.5 %. People are still adding knowledge about the internet and developing VPN software that keeps the internet user safe and from being publicly viewed by other users.

A VPN is a virtual private network installed on Androids and PCs.There are various types of VPN. The selection that one makes depends on the location or work on the computer.

Hammer VPN is a unique VPN as it has an Anti-DPI VPN. It manages and examines the network traffic perfectly. It’s an individual VPN in its way.

Now that the internet is used by many persons globally, a piece of information you can put on a particular platform can reach an enormous number of people and be easily traced. Through the help of the VPN discovery, the internet user can shield his location, and no one will trace him.


Expert internet users can track you and hack your details on the internet and give false information using your details. With the help of the VPN, the internet user can curb the details he exposes on the internet.

Types of VPN for Windows 7,8 and 10:

The Hammer VPN has various features in it.

Deep Pack Inspection

The hammer VPN has an Anti-deep pack inspection that helps the internet user’s data be safe and no leakage to the other party using the same internet signal. Data is very curial, and it shouldn’t be spread anyhow. Data should be kept safe, and the hammer VPN keeps the data from any unauthorized party.

Hammer VPN does the work of stopping malware. Malware is software used to prevent the other internet server from accessing or leaking any information. The malware is found on the hammer VPN, making the VPN outstanding from the other available VPNs. When choosing a VPN, malware software should be one of the features of the VPN.

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Total Security

It’s wise to check your security status before serving on the internet. This will keep your details safe from the third party. This especially applies to those using a shared internet connection or even the computer system.

Hammer VPN works well for users who are sharing an internet connection as this will fully protect them from any leakage data. It has Wi-Fi-hot spot security. The user can select the protocol and the port to use to have a private internet serving.

Hammer VPN gives the user enough privacy to access the sites with a firewall freely and comfortably.

Great Speed

Every internet user wants an internet with high speed to navigate freely and faster on different sites. The user is also required to download images, videos, or even information for future reference. Choosing a VPN with fast internet speed is a plus.

The user can surf faster, and the privacy status is well sorted. Hammer VPN has a high proxy with fast internet usage. When you download Hammer VPN either on Android or PC, you are awarded internet data for using along as you surf. That will help you in data usage. Performing tasks is more manageable when the internet user gets a fast internet connection.

Access to Many Countries

Not all VPN has access to all the countries. If they have all the nations, you may need to pay to access the country you want to get access to. Hammer VPN users can use this VPN to block countries by using the unique proxy to access the countryside. A specific proxy is assigned to a particular country.

Hammer VPN has a premium account where you can use to unlock the locked countries that you need to use them. The best part of the payment method on the Hammer VPN is the use of cryptocurrencies which are now widely used globally to make payments.

How to Download Hammer VPN for PC (Windows 7, 8 & 10)


  • The first step you need to have a BlueStack app player. This enables one to get the Android app into the computer system. If you don’t have BlueStacks, first install it.
  • After installing the BlueStacks app, go to the Android icon menu and open it to go to the search, type “Hammer VPN,” and sea on the Android much.
  • Give it a few seconds, and it will display on the screen.
  • Click on “install.”
  • When done, open the VPN app on the BlueStacks app you installed.
  • On the Hammer VPN, you will get an icon that shows instructions on using the Hammer VPN app.
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Now you have the Hammer VPN on your PC, and you can now surf the internet freely. But before then, you need to go to the setting icon and make some adjustment settings depending on your usage and the country you want to surf from. Adjust all this on the setting section.

After everything is all set, confirm the location that you have set is correct, and you can now work using your PC. You will be able to see all the features that have been listed above. If you need more advanced features, you can pay for the premium account and shift to the advanced features.

Hammer VPN is one of the trusted apps among the many apps available worldwide. This has enabled the VPN to rank high and obtain many rating stars. The app is easy to install on any Windows, be it 7,8 or Windows 10; the app can still be used.

When choosing a VPN, it’s wise to consider the app’s speed, privacy, and if it needs any payment to access the advanced setting. The mode of payment should also be considered as well. Hammer VPN is app-friendly, and the download won’t take much time.

Hammer VPN is the best app for any internet user globally, and the tutorial instructions are straightforward.

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