How To Write A Google Review Without A Gmail Account

In this article we are going to explain to you “how to write a google review without a gmail account”.

And we basically do it for our own clients who don’t really know what a google review is.

Yes, it seems weird because most users more or less know what the reviews are but they have a hard time writing them.

What is a review?

We all hear the famous google stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. A google review is an opinion or comment + a score that ranges from zero stars to 5 stars.

The maximum score would obviously be 5 stars.

When we google the name of a company, sometimes a box like the one in the image appears.

I say sometimes because that box is the google file of the company we are looking for.

But not all companies have that Google My Business tab.

That is, in this case nothing appears to the right of the search results.

How to write a google review without a gmail account?

When we click on this button we find the first big problem like (how to write a google review without a gmail account).

And it is none other than being a free google product. I mean the company file, google requires that we use a Gmail email type .

That is, we cannot write a review with an email type or the type

Although registering a Gmail email is easy and fast to do, as well as practical for certain issues.

Well, if you already have your gmail account then you can use it.

It is more if you are browsing with google chrome and you have identified yourself in a google product you will not even have to identify yourself again.

So on this screen we enter our gmail account, then the password and that’s it…

To write a google review without a gmail account from your computer, you should connect to, click on  Create an account, then enter your data like Name, Surname , Username ex@  and Password and presses the Next button to create a Google account using your existing email address. And fill other blank box. That’s it…

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Once we have identified ourselves, a screen like this appears.Once we have identified ourselves, a screen like this appears

And finally, now we go with the review. In it we can do several things:

  • The first and most important thing is to score. If we forget to choose the number of stars and just write we can be giving a terrible review without wanting to.
  • Then we write the comment. By the way, we can write or not write anything. In this case we will only give a score.

Add one or more images. This is something that interests and a lot to the comment.

Here you can put the logo of the company, images of the company, its products or services or a work meeting between the two.

Advantages of writing a Google reviewAdvantages of writing a Google review

Reviews have many advantages, both for the publisher and the recipient.
Advantages for those who receive the Reviews:

  • They help improve the company’s image or online reputation.
  • They are essential for local SEO Positioning or SEO GMB.
  • It also helps a lot to position in the searches we do on Google Maps
  • Interaction with clients. They offer us very valuable information. It is almost mandatory to answer all the reviews, if only to say thanks.

Advantages for those who write it.

  • It is a free advertisement. Let’s remember what was said about the possibility of talking about our company and adding photos of your business, logo, etc.
  • When you value other businesses this also benefits the positioning of your Google My Business page
  • You can climb your ranking in Google’s Local Guides program. We will see it below.
    If you want to leave us a review, click on this link

How to get reviews to improve your Google My Business page?

If it is good to get Google reviews you will wonder how to do it. Good question, but the answer is far from easy.

Not even if it’s as obvious as saying to ask for a review.

Therefore, we are going to explain how to request them, directly or indirectly.

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Obviously, we are not going to ask someone who is dissatisfied … We will ask those clients who are fully satisfied with our work, products or services.

And also, to those people that you know are going to write the review because there has been a good feeling.

Choose the moment and the forms very well

The best option is right after providing a service, finalizing a sale or any other similar situation.

Also when we solve doubts or help the client in any way.

If the customer is satisfied that will make things much easier.

If you have communicated in person or by phone, help your client by patiently guiding him through each step.

In this way, you make sure that they leave you the review. Including advising you if you don’t have a Gmail account on how to get one.

But you do not comment on the mistake of dictating to the client what to write.

This can be penalized by Google, and honest and natural responses are much better.

If you have communicated by mail, it can be a good way to request the review.

In this way you can pass a direct link to make it very easy, or a small guide with the steps we saw above.
Regarding the forms, it is very important that the client never feels annoyed.

Keep in mind that it is hard for us to write and if we also feel pressured we can provoke a bad comment. This would be a terrible mistake.

Therefore from our point of view it is best to ask politely for the review first.

Later, if the client is satisfied, send the email or ask them to tell us when to call.

Of course, if we are face to face with the client, it is best to do the whole process at once.


The post is over! Have you seen “how to write a google review without a gmail account”?

Of course, if after reading this article you liked it.

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