Google Play Store Error Rh 01

Google Play Store is the official Google application store for Android devices, in it we can find an almost infinite number of applications and games, combining free content and paid content.

Normally the Play Store works well, but it may give us some small failure (like play store error rh 01).

Google play store error rh 01

A rather annoying bug, but luckily with a very simple solution.

When we want to open something in the Play Store and suddenly we find a message that says “play store error rh 01”.

What this message means is that: there is a problem retrieving information from the server so obviously, they cannot show you anything.

Therefore, next, we will see how to fix the play store error rh 01.

What is the play store error rh 01? Problem with the Google Play Store

It has happened to all of us on the occasion that when trying to update or install an application from the Google Play Store we have received a message that says “An error occurred while “play store error rh 01″.

This is one of the most frequent errors in the Play Store, but it is nothing serious and we can solve it quickly.

We have to make sure the date and time are up to date as they should. For this, it is something as simple as going to the “Settings” and entering the “Time and date” section.

Here you must change it to the current one along with the time zone that is most likely also misconfigured.

After performing this process, in most cases, everything is solved.

But the data will be deleted and the cache that may be present in the Google Play Store will be erased, so the problem would be completely solved.

The best way to Solve the play store error rh 01: Step by Step

Luckily solving this problem is actually too easy because the whole problem is basically in the cache.

In order to solve it you need to follow the steps that we are going to comment on later:

  • Enter the Settings on your mobile and go to the Applications menu.
  • Search the Google Play Store.
  • Enter where it says Storage.
  • Click on Clear Cache.
  • We go back and give the Force stop.
  • Now, we go back into storage and click on Delete Data.
  • Restart the mobile.
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That is the only thing you should do to solve this problem, as you will see it is actually quite simple.

In any case, it would be more advisable to restart your mobile before entering the Play Store again.

Once you finish these steps, go back to the previous menu and you will have to do the same with the Google Services Framework and Download Manager.

If after all this the problem is still not solved, go to the settings menu.

Sign in to accounts, then delete the Google account and add it again. After performing this process you must restart the mobile device.

Solution: Error 495 Google Play Store “Cannot Download the Application”

Android is by far the most widely used operating system on mobile devices today.

Cell phones and tablets that use Android are the majority and that operating system has great freedom in every sense.

In addition, the millions of applications it has divided into games, utilities, office automation, antivirus, digital books, etc.

But we must bear in mind something.

The fact that Android is so open and works flawlessly on most mobile devices does not mean that it is perfect and that it does not have any kind of problem like error 495 when wanting to download an application.

495 Play Store Errors

The Play Store is the official Android store which belongs to Google, as well as the operating system. There are many other alternative stores to download applications of all kinds and completely free.

Likewise, the most trusted and easiest to get hold of countless applications is undoubtedly the Play Store.

However, from time to time that annoying error 495 can come out, which without a doubt can end up being a headache.

Many people have already experienced error 495 Google Play and in most cases, it happens when you try to download an application that is too heavy for your device.

In case you are just suffering this error code 495, do not worry because we are going to see step by step all the options that exist to solve this annoying error 495 Play Store.

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Clear cache and data from the Play Store

  • The first option is the simplest and all you have to do is the following:
    • First of all, you must go to “Settings”.
    • Once you are here, simply look for the “Application manager” section.
    • Now you have to find the “Play Store”.
    • Next, you will have to delete all the data and the application cache.
    • Then just restart the mobile device.

After the restart, try to open the Play Store again and you will have to enter your data again.

Once entered, try to download the application that previously generated the problem in Google Play error 495 and it should work without any kind of inconvenience.

Delete Google Account

Sometimes it can happen that the problem comes directly from the Google account, although it seems incredible. You can try doing the cache and data method, but also delete the Google account from the ” Accounts ” section in the ” Settings ” section.
Even if you have another Gmail account, you can try adding a different account than the one you previously had.

Other stores and APK files

As a last alternative and within all the most practical you can try using some other application store for Android.

You can also try downloading the APK files from different internet websites.

Amazon Appstore: One of the best alternatives to the Play Store is the Amazon app store.

Where you will find infinities of games and applications that will not depend on Google services.

Therefore, they work even without the Google Play Store installed on your mobile device.

It has a wide variety of applications and games.

In addition, you can find temporary exclusives which are very interesting. Enter the store from here.

Aptoide: a well-known and old store that millions of users use as an alternative to the Play Store since they can be found from the same applications as the official store as applications that have not been approved by Google in the Play Store.

The only problem is that the applications are contributed by users, this means that you must be very careful in what you download because you may end up with a malicious app.

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