Google Play Store Error Code -24

The Play Store is very large and is used by millions of people, but not all of them work in the same way as there are some that have certain problems.

The reality is that these problems are quite annoying and become a huge headache for those who suffer “Google play store error code -24″.

This is because some are more complex than others.

Today I have brought you some solutions for the most common errors in the “google play store error code -24″.

We hope they are useful to you and can solve the problem that appears to you.

Google play store error code -24

Much of what we can see there makes some things in life much easier for us, well until he decides to become rebellious and the “google play store error code -24″ appears saying that you cannot do such a thing.

This can be somewhat annoying and if you have seen the previous articles where I also tell you solutions for certain errors you will realize that there are many that can appear to you.

But you have to stay calm because if in any of the previous articles you did not find the error that does not allow you to use the store quietly, you may find it here.

Way to fix Google play store error code -24

In this case, it is an unknown “Google play store error code -24″ that has something to do with KitKat and ART, the safest solution in case you have root mobile is with a root file explorer you will go to android/data/com.WhatsApp and delete the com.WhatsApp folder.

Then you will reinstall the app from the Goggle Play Store.

If you are not root then the solution would be to delete the junk files with the Clean Master application.

First, you will uninstall WhatsApp and then you will run Clean Master in advanced mode.

If it doesn’t work, what you should do is a backup of the app and then a factory reset, but remember that this has to be the last option.

A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Way to fix Google play store error code 491

When this error pops up it is because nothing can be downloaded or updated, the best solution is to delete the Google account.

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To do this you have to go to Settings, then you will enter Account and delete the one you are using.

Then you have to restart the mobile and add the account again, once you enter it you will have to go to Settings again, then in All.

You will search for Google Services. When you find it you are going to click on it and delete the data.

Error DF-DLA-15 from Play Store

The errors that can appear in the Google application store are very varied.

This time we are going to see how to fix the error DF-DLA-15 from Play Store.

Normally the Google Play Store works without problem, but it has happened to all of us that when we go to download an application or make an update of an application or game that we have previously installed on our smartphone or tablet, a message appears indicating that there has been some kind of error and that the action we have requested cannot be carried out.

In this specific case, a message appears stating “ Application X (Application name) cannot be downloaded.

Please try again, and if the problem continues, get help with troubleshooting.

Options to fix error DF-DLA-15 from Play Store

We cannot deny, even if we don’t really like it, that errors either on the computer or on mobile phones are quite common.

It is normal that every so often we have to experience various errors on many occasions that, if we are to the case, in most cases are easy to solve.

Especially those related to the Google Play Store, which undoubtedly has a large number of errors in your medical record that could happen to you. Although luckily, they don’t happen too often.

If this error appears, there are several actions we can take to try to solve it quickly and easily.

Clear Google app cache

This is one of the most common solutions when a failure is detected in the Google Play Store and in most cases, it gives good results.

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Through this method what we do is clear the cache and data of some Google applications.

You have to follow the path Settings> Applications> Google Play Store> Clear cache> Clear data (it is important not to alter the order).

Once we have done it, we must repeat the same steps to clear the cache and data from Google Play Services.

After that, we will try to see if we can now download or update the application that was causing problems.

Clear Dalvik cache

Dalvik is a Java-based virtual machine that is the basis for all programs.

To use this solution it is necessary that our mobile phone is Root and that we have the Root Explorer application installed or, failing that, Ex-File Explorer.

To clear the Dalvik cache we open the Root directory, go to data and then Dalvik Cache.

We choose and delete all the files in the Dalvik cache folder and then restart the device.

When the phone has been turned on again we check if the Google Play Store now works normally.

Uninstall updates from Google Play

Sometimes there are incompatibilities between Google Play Store updates and certain applications.

To solve it, follow the path Settings> Applications> Google Play Store> Uninstall updates.

We then rebooted the phone and tried downloading or updating the controversial app.

Once the problem is fixed, we can update the Google Play Store again.

Other methods

If the previous solution proposals don’t work, we can still try two more things.

The first one is to deactivate the SD card (Settings> Storage> Deactivate SD card) and the second is to delete the application store and reinstall the Google Play Store.


Finally, the post is over! Have you seen how easy it is to solve google play store error code -24?

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In case you still have some kind of doubt about “google play store error code -24” or some kind of problem. Thank you…

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