Google Play Store Error 194

In Google play store error 194 is more frequent than normal would think not.

The truth is that they all have a solution simple for google play store error 194.

And it fast enough to continue enjoying the platform.

The truth is that without the store we would not have a place to download all those applications. Everything we can find in it is incredible.

We recently published a fairly extensive article where we detail several errors in the Play Store and obviously their possible solutions.

Google play store error 194

In general, errors appear when we need to download an application or update.

It is at that moment where problems arise with a pop-up box with some numbers, which in most cases are ignored.

So if you want to fix the “google play store error 194″ in the Play Store without having to go to a technician.

You should pay close attention to this list that I have brought you.

Fix Google Play Store Error 194 problem

These solutions for all errors are simple and fast.

So we will ensure that the problems have an easy answer to address for Google play store error 194.

Thus be able to continue enjoying Google Play without any inconvenience.

  • Another common Google play store error 194 in the Android mobile device application store that usually appears specifically at the time we try to download any of them. Especially when it comes to games.
  • This time the solution to the problem is similar. Although instead of going to delete the data from the Google Play Store. We have also to delete the cache of it.
  • Once we have done it. Then we have to search the same list of applications Google Play Services.
  • And also delete the cache, restarting the smartphone when the process is finished.
  • Our recommendation is that you download the most recent version from the Google Play Store available, something that we have taught you to do in this article.

The best solution for Google Play Error 194

Solution: Clear the cache and if no solution is found download from the developer’s page.

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Google Play Store Others errors and solutions

Problem Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09

One of the most frequent problems that users experience when it comes to the application store of Android mobile devices, if not the most common of all.

About this, we have to highlight that it usually appears when we try to download an application.

But it is a complete error from the Google Play Store. So we need more than just keep trying.

To solve it, we have to go to Applications or Application Manager.

  • There we will see that the column of all the apps that we have installed appears.
  • Then moving to the Google Play Store. Now entering  on it
  • Finanly deleting the data.

If you see that after that you still cannot download the app, the next step is to try to install the application from the web version of the Google Play Store associated with the same mobile account.

Error 413

This error pops up when there is a problem that was caused by a proxy, the solution is as follows: You have to go to Settings, then to Applications and in All you will search for Google Services, when you find it you will click on Clear data.

Repeat the same process with the Play Store, finally, you have to empty the cache of the Internet browser.

Error 495

This error pops up when you cannot download an app and games from the Play Store, to solve it you have to disable updates from the Play Store.

Then what you are going to have to do is go to Settings, then Applications and from there to All, you will search for Play Store and empty the cache and data.

When you do this the problem should be fixed.

Error 498

This error is when the download is interrupted, it can be generated because the cache is full.

What you have to do is very easy, you have to empty the device a little, eliminating everything that is not used, even some apps.

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Then you are going to restart it in recovery mode and empty the cache partition, in this way the problem will be solved.

Error 919

The problem with this error is that nothing is downloaded even though it seems that everything is fine, which happens because there is not enough space on Android.

The solution is to make space by eliminating applications that you do not use, videos, music and everything that does not serve you.

When you download an application it is good to have some extra space.

Error 923

Skip this error when the cache is insufficient to synchronize a Google account, to solve it you have to delete the Google account.

You have to go to Settings, Accounts and you are going to delete the one you are using, then you will restart the mobile in recovery mode and thus empty the cache partition.

When it turns on you will add the account again so that everything continues to work correctly.

Google Play RH01 error

This problem usually manifests itself at the time of acquiring information from the server, this does not allow us to continue with the communication process.

Solution: Clear the cache data.

This appears when there is an error receiving the information from the server, solving it is quite simple.

You have to go to Settings, then Applications, from there you will go to All and search for Play Store.

You enter the app, you will clear the cache and the data, then repeat this same process but with Google Services.

What you could also try to do is delete the Gmail account and reactivate it with all empty caches and data.


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