Google Pixel Keeps Restarting

Google Pixel keeps restarting

You may have a problem with Google Pixel. It does not work properly. If your smart phone Google pixel keeps restarting, and you are worried about it. I say to you that nothing to worry about. Every problem has a solution.

Google Pixel phone may suddenly start rebooting and it happens multiple times without warning. How to fix this problem, I’ll tell you about “google pixel keeps restarting”. solution.

So let’s see…

Way to stop: “Google Pixel keeps restarting”

First Way: First of all, go to your smartphone’s Settings app.

  • In the bottom, tap the System button  >then Advanced >Next System update.
  • When updating your status. You should follow the steps on the screen.

2nd Way: If your Google Pixel phone is new and under warranty then you should go to Google support, and tell them about your phone problem.

3rd Way: Sometimes, Google Pixel keeps rebooting because of a new app installation. If it happens to you then you can do a factory reset. Before the factory reset, you should make a backup.

4th Way: If your Google Pixel phone may suddenly keep restarting, then you can boot your phone into safe mode.

What is and what causes error 492 in Google PlayWhat is and what causes error 492 in Google Play

Error 492 is one of the errors or problems of Google Play, which usually appears when your mobile applications can not be updated properly or a certain app is not installed correctly, generating error 492, which can become really annoying.

The error message that appears with error 492 does not make it very clear why it appears, however, it is presumed that this error is usually caused by problems with the SD card, problems generated by the app itself or by the cache.

How to fix Google Play Store error 492 on AndroidHow to fix Google Play Store error 492 on Android

If the problem causing error 492 is due to a corrupted SD card. The best way to format it so that the problem is resolved. Of course, before starting this process you must make a copy of all the data that is inside your SD card since when you format it you will lose everything; Or you can also learn how to format an SD card without losing files.

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Method 1: format the SD card

  • To format your SD card on your Android mobile, the first thing you should do is go to your mobile and enter the Settings or Configuration section, within the application drawer.
  • Within the Settings menu, scroll until you find the Storage section and click on it, and within this section, you will find the options that relate to your SD card.
  • Now within the options or settings of the SD card, locate and select by clicking on the Format SD card or Erase SD card option, then press the button to confirm the deletion and wait for the card to be formatted.
  • After you format the SD card, go to Google Play and see if the problem has been solved, if not, it is best to remove the SD card from the mobile and return to Google Play to try to install or update the apps you want.

Method 2: Clear the cache

  • When error 492 in the Play Store sometimes it is enough to delete the cache both from the app store itself and from Google Play services, so let’s see how to do it.
  • In the same way as the previous process, on your Android mobile go to Settings, then slide until you find the Applications section and then to Applications Manager.
  • Slide with your finger until you find the Google Play Store application and click on it; then go to Clear data and confirm the action and also click on the Clear cache button.
  • Remember that deleting the data will permanently delete files, settings, accounts, databases and the like, but by clearing the cache, you will not lose usefully.
  • Go back to the application manager, but this time locate and click on the Google Play Services app, then click on the clear cache button and the cache will be deleted immediately.
  • After you’ve done this, go back to Google Play and check that error 492 has been fixed and try again to update or install the apps you want.
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Method 3: reinstall the app

Something you can do is exit Google Play, stop any download you have in it and access Google Play again and reinstall the app you wanted to install.

Google Chrome notifications on Android devicesGoogle Chrome notifications on Android devices

Currently, there are numerous web pages that want to attract your attention in some way and many use notifications. You can also receive so-called push notifications, which may or may not have interesting news for you.

How to remove Google Chrome notifications on Android devices

As always, Google Chrome provides us with tools that help us make our browsing experiences safer and free from external interference. We can have access to multiple configuration options that allow this, such as activating incognito mode.

  • The first thing we must be clear about is that the notifications are presented because we have given them permission at some point.
  • Now what we are going to do is deactivate this option and it does not appear to us anymore. As a first step, we are going to open our Google Chrome browser on Android and wait for it to load.
  • Once this is done, we go to the upper right part of our screen and we are going to make a clip on the icon that has three dots.
  • A window with different options will open or display and we will have to choose Settings by making a clip. We open the settings page and now we are going to choose the Website Settings option.
  • But for our particular case, we are going to choose the notification option. We make a clip and we will have access to modify its configuration.


First, we are trying to solve “google pixel keeps restarting”. We can do several searches with our Google Chrome browser, as we usually do and the notifications have disappeared as if by magic.

But it’s nothing like that, it’s just applied knowledge. When we know a device well, as well as the different applications it uses.

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