Google Home Not Responding

Google home not responding

Google Home devices are very useful in our home, to the point that some already consider them essential. However, when they have problems, they become a headache.

Sometimes it is because the microphone does not hear us, the speaker does not sound clear, the Wi-Fi in the house does not work well, or because the connected devices are not communicating correctly with Google Home. Whatever the problem, there is always a solution and here we present each and every one of them.

Google home not responding? How to solve themGoogle home not responding How to solve them

Connectivity problems are the most common in Google Home devices since they constantly use the Wi-Fi in our house to work well. If your Google Home has problems with Wi-Fi, try the following solutions:

  • Make sure that Google Home is correctly connected to Wi-Fi: from the Google Home application, configure the device’s Wi-Fi connection by following the instructions given by the app.
  • Move the router closer to Google Home or vice versa: Google Home may be receiving a very weak signal from Wi-Fi, so it does not work quite well. To shorten the distance between the router and Google Home to improve the connection.
  • Stop using Wi-Fi with other devices: If your Internet connection is excessively slow, you may not be able to use the Internet on other devices while using Google Home. Try turning off most of the devices that are using WiFi and see if Google Home starts to work better.

Google Home is not responding? What to do

If Google Home does not respond to you when you speak, it is usually because it does not hear you clearly. The solutions to this problem are:

  • Keep Google Home away from elements that interfere with your voice: It is a bad idea to place your Google Home near the TV, computer, radio or any other element that produces sounds and prevents Google Home from hearing your voice. Place the device in a quiet place without a lot of noise.
  • Speak louder: Google Home is a smart device that can differentiate your voice from outside noise, so simply speak in a louder voice so it can hear you better.
  • Turn up the volume on Google Home: Maybe Google Home listens to you, but you don’t listen to its responses. Make sure the volume is at maximum and see if the problem is solved.
  • Check that the microphone is on: behind the speaker, there is a button that allows you to turn the Google Home microphone on and off (which would be its ear). Verify that it is ON, otherwise Google Home will not be able to hear you.
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Google Home Gives Nonsense Answers And When Not AskedGoogle Home Gives Nonsense Answers And When Not Asked

When Google Home does not stop talking, giving answers to things that nobody asked, it can be very annoying and causes it to be turned off.

However, this problem is usually very easy to fix, as it is simply a Google Home misinterpretation of what it hears. You can solve it in the below ways:

  • Turn down the volume of the radio or television that is turned on: Google Home may be hearing voices on the radio or TV that activate it to start giving answers. So try not to hear those voices and the problem will be solved.
  • Place Google Home on a stationary surface: When Google Home is constantly moving it can also wake up. It is advisable to put the device on a flat, firm surface and away from windows or noisy elements.

Music playback doesn’t work

Another of the usual problems of Google Home is related to music playback. Sometimes it won’t play the music, it takes a long time to load, or it plays and stops occasionally. You can try to fix these problems with these tricks:

  • Tell Google Home to turn up the volume: Music may not be heard because Google Home is a quiet or very low volume
  • Remember to associate your Spotify account with Google Home: Google Home cannot play music from services such as Spotify or Pandora if you have not associated your respective accounts to the device.
  • Clear the cache of the music player: perhaps the problem is not with Google Home, but with the application with which you play music. Therefore, go to the application settings and clear its cache to try to solve the problem.
  • Check if the music service allows playback on two devices at the same time: you may be playing music from service with which, using the same account. This means that if you are listening to music on your mobile, you will not be able to do it with Google Home.
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On the other hand, don’t forget that YouTube Music is now available for free for Google Home.

Google Home does not have the correct locationGoogle Home does not have the correct location

If you asked Google Home about the weather in your city and it responded with the weather from another place, then your device has a location problem. Luckily, you can easily fix this problem like this:

  • Open the Google Home app (make sure your device and the app are connected to the same Wi-Fi).
  • Press the menu button located at the top left of the application.
  • Click on More Settings.
  • Tap on Personal Information and then on Home and Work Locations.
  • Enter the correct address and then click OK.

The possible solution for all problems: restart Google Home

No matter what the problem is, many times a simple reboot manages to magically fix the errors or failures that Google Home presents. In fact, this solution works for most electronic devices or application problems.

We recommend that you first restart the Google Home operating system from the application. If that doesn’t work, turn off the Google Home device and unplug it. Leave it like that for about 60 seconds, then plug it in, wait another minute, and finally turn it on to see if the problem clears up.

Contact technical support

If you still cannot solve the problem with your Google Home, it is best to contact the Google Home support team directly so that they can provide you with the help you need.

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