GoodNotes 5 for Windows PC – Free Download

goodnotes-5-for-pcIf you have been recently thinking about transforming your iPad into a smart and digital notebook, then you shouldn’t worry anymore. The GoodNotes 5 app is here for you!

This app can enjoy your handwritten notes in word documents, digital notebooks, and imported PDF among other options.

Moreover, the app also makes the notes searchable anywhere which means convenience in this tech era. In the end, you don’t need to worry about misplacing any of your notes or losing them. Isn’t this app a Godsent for your iPad especially for employees, business owners, and students?

Features of GoodNotes 5


• Using it feels as natural as writing on physical paper

Taking your notes on GoodNotes 5 allows you to be fluent and price like you would do on paper thanks to the GoodNotes pioneering vector engine. The feature comes with a range of writing options including the Apple Pencil, your finger, and Logitech Crayon.

Like the regular pen and paper, this app allows you to customize your notes using a color, thickness, or style of your choice. Furthermore, you can also switch from one pen, highlighter, or eraser to another.

• It keeps your notes secure

The GoodNotes 5 is iCloud sync which means that your notes are automatically saved to the cloud. Using the app means the utmost security of your notes and essential documents. With all the loss of documents that happens every day across the world today, and the relevant consequences that follow the loss, why should you risk when GoodNotes 5 is here for you?

• It allows side by side viewing of documents

GoodNotes 5 is designed with a multiple windows feature which allows the users two documents or pages side by side. By using tabs, you can easily switch between open documents which saves time and ensure convenience when working or viewing your work.

• It allows meticulous access to your documents

Everything on the app is indexed depending on when you wrote it, the type, or any other technique you choose to arrange your work. The app allows you to search for your typed texts or handwritten notes with maximum precision. Moreover, you can also search for your document outlines and PDF effortlessly which means great convenience and time efficiency.

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Are you thinking about sharing your handwritten notes with other apps, colleagues, or loved ones? The great news is you can convert the notes to text before sharing as you desire. All you should do is add the text you would like to send onto the page as a text box and type with your keyboard.

• It allows you to customize your notes

When using the physical paper and pen, you choose to enjoy the freedom to pick and use a pen and paper of your choice. In the end, you create something unique that matches your needs and reflects your personality. Using the GoodNotes 5 app is not different. It allows you to own and customize your notes as you would do physically.

It offers a range of paper templates and appealing covers that you should choose from. Among other essentials, this app allows you to select from the dark paper to the Cornell paper, writing paper, planners, and any other writing essentials you may need. The goal is to create a perfect chance for you to create a customized product that you own and love. Besides, you can also import images and PDFs as custom templates which you can use to customize your work.

• It promotes paperless notetaking

Using GoodNotes 5 allows you to import images, PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, and photos to your iPad. You can also export these documents and share them with your loved ones, colleagues, and other relevant parties.

Moreover, the app can also scan your documents and recognize text. With all these features, why shouldn’t you go paperless? Why do you still carry that paper and pen around if the app can accomplish everything and more?

• Enhanced document management

The GoodNotes 5 allows you to organize your documents in folders and further create as many subfolders as you need. For precision, you should mark your crucial document as a favorite which ensures easy access any time you need them. For easier navigation in the future, you can create custom outlines through your documents.

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• It is a perfect way to eliminate the limitations of analog papers

While it is similar to traditional paper and pen, the GoodNotes 5 app has a range of more merits than the former. Some of these benefits include moving and rotating your handwriting to coloring the documents and drawing perfect lines and shapes thanks to the Shapes Tool.

The app is also designed with a zoom feature which allows you to view different photos and documents at close range. Furthermore, with this app, you enjoy a smart and powerful eraser tool that gives you the freedom to erase as you please.

How to Download GoodNotes 5 For PC

GoodNotes 5 is currently unavailable for PC download as it was originally designed for Mac/ iOS. Thanks to the Ios simulators such as the iPadian, you can download the app for PC. Discussed below is the process of downloading a GoodNotes 5 for your PC.


1. Download the iPadian simulator on your device.
2. Find the search bar on the simulator and search for GoodNotes 5.
3. Click the app and install it on your computer.
4. Start using it.


Can you get GoodNotes 5 free?

There is currently no free upgrade for new GoodNotes 5 users. The free version is only available for existing GoodNotes 4 users as an upgrade of their current app.

Is GoodNotes 5 only for iPad?

GoodNotes 5 is a universal app. Once you purchase it the first time, you can access it on all your Apple devices. If you acquire it from the App Store, you can redownload it on your Mac App Store. In the end, you can redownload it on all your iPads and iPhones.

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